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Northern Cyprus Frontline Products Campaign to help KAR and also Dogs and Cats

Frontline Products Campaign to help KAR

and also Dogs and Cats


By Chris Elliott……

We were delighted on our return from the UK to receive news from Kyrenia Animal Rescue of an event we were not able to attend due to our absence and we would like to share this news with our readers

All dog and cat lovers or owners here in North Cyprus should be aware of the need to protect these animals from contracting serious illnesses as a result of being infested with ticks and fleas.

Ticks can causes anaemia and growth deficiency in cats and dogs as they attach to your pets and can also cause skin diseases. Ticks play an import role in the transmission of various infectious diseases to human beings. Many years ago I was in Hungary and knelt down in some grass near a herd of sheep to take some close-up photographs and two days later had to have a bloated tick removed from my body so do take care and this is the KAR news you should take careful note of..

Frontline Products Campaign

Salahi Serakinci visited the Kyrenia Animal Rescue office in Karakum and talked about how the Frontline products worked to eradicate fleas and ticks on dogs and cats. He also handed out leaflets and posters in both English and Turkish to help with the campaign.

Frontline Plus and Frontline Combo products will have a 5TL sticker on the outside of the boxes. These stickers will collected by KAR and returned to Serakinci Ltd who will donate money to the value of the stickers to help KAR with the work they Serakinci  imagedo in the community for the stray and abandoned animals.

The Frontline products can be purchased from the Veterinary clinics and Pharmacies.

Purchasers of Frontline can hand the stickers direct to KAR or look for the special collection boxes in Vet clinics and Pharmacies where they can deposit them.

Mr Serakinci said ‘as a result of this campaign, our stray animals will benefit from each sale with all proceeds going towards the animal’ .

Margaret Ray thanked Mr Serakinci for inviting KAR to take part in this very worthwhile campaign.

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