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TRNC News Today 10th March 2015

Minister Nami meets with EU Commissioner for Enlargement, Hahn

Foreign Minister Özdil Nami and his delegation went to Brussels yesterday to hold a series of contacts.

Minister Nami commenced his contacts by meeting with Johannes Hahn, EU Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy. Nami then held a series of meetings with the Permanent Representatives of various EU member states with representation in Brussels. During the said meetings, Nami conveyed information on the recent developments pertaining to the Cyprus issue and referred to the decisions of EU institutions towards lifting the isolation imposed on the Turkish Cypriot side.  Expressing that a comprehensive settlement on the Island will be easier to achieve along with the integration process of the Turkish Cypriots to the EU, Nami requested the support of EU institutions to lift the restrictions imposed on the Turkish Cypriots.

FM Ozdil Nami and Johannes Hahn, EU Commissioner for Enlargement
FM Ozdil Nami and Johannes Hahn, EU Commissioner for Enlargement

Minister Nami later gave a conference entitled “The Cyprus Problem and Hydrocarbon Resources: Challenges and Opportunities” at the Brussels Press Club Europe (PCE). During his speech, Minister Nami indicated that a new arrangement in the Eastern Mediterranean based on stability and cooperation instead of chronic disputes stemming from increased tension and the power politics of various countries is possible. Nami added that in order for this project to materialize, the Cyprus issue must be resolved in the shortest possible time. Nami also pointed out that the positive effects of the resolution of the Cyprus problem will resonate in Turkey’s EU membership process, in EU-NATO relations as well as in several other fields. Nami stated that the natural resources found around Israel and Cyprus can be transported to the EU via Turkey in a way which contributes to the EU’s energy security needs. Furthermore, Minister Nami expressed that the international community and particularly the EU must encourage the Greek Cypriot side to return to the negotiation table without any preconditions.

Minister Nami, who will continue his contacts in Brussels today, is expected to return to the Island this evening. Nami is being accompanied by Undersecretary of the Foreign Ministry Dr. Erhan Erçin, Private Secretary Hüseyin Özel and Third Secretary Sertaç Güven.

President’s Spokesman Osman Ertuğ: “Your addressee is not Turkey, it’s the Turkish Cypriot side”

 Presidential Spokesman Osman Ertuğ sent a message to the Greek Cypriot administration saying: “Your addressee about hydrocarbons Osman Ertugas well as on the issue of comprehensive solution of the Cyprus Problem is not Turkey, it’s the Turkish Cypriot side.” Ertuğ noted that there is no need for Greek Cypriot administration to request for any intermediary or to try to put any third party to action on this matter. Mentioning the Greek Cypriot administration leader Nikos Anastasiades’s statement about giving a message to Russian government President Vladimir Putin to pass it on to the President of the motherland Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Ertuğ said: “they can convey the messages that they want to convey directly to the Turkish Cypriot side, to our President who has been waiting for them for months at the table.”

Osman Ertuğ said: “if the Greek Cypriot side wants to address Motherland Turkey, the way for that is certain, and this is a quartet or quintet meeting that includes guarantors and motherlands together with the Turkish Cypriot side and Greek Cypriot side.”

Osman Ertuğ said: “In the past, in similar conditions where the Greek side was carrying on unilateral hydrocarbon activities and Turkey was carrying on seismic research on our behalf, the talks were carried on without interruption. So under the image of ‘formation of conditions’, reason of the insistence of the Greek side for not returning to the table, is not our seismic research or our Navtex but it’s negotiations reaching the stage of give and take. It’s the lack of will and courage by the Greek Cypriot side with various excuses. The Greek Cypriot side doesn’t want to share the power and authority, and the natural wealth of the island as an equal partner with the Turkish Cypriot side.

Deputy Prime Minister Denktaş went to Ankara

Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Economy, Tourism, Culture and Sports Serdar Denktas went to Ankara for official Serdar Denktas 3contacts.

In his visit Serdar Denktaş was accompanied by his Undersecretary Şahap Aşıkoğlu and his Consultant Hüda Hüdaverdi. Denktas will meet with the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç, Minister of Culture and Tourism Ömer Çelik and Minister of Economy Nihat Zeybekci.

KTTO President Fikri Toros, KTSO President Ali Çıralı and KTOB President Hüseyin Aktığ will also be present at the meetings.

Omiru: “Europeans and UN abandoned us”

Speaker of the Greek Cypriot Parliament Yannakis Omiru said that the Europeans and UN abandoned the Greek Cypriots.

Yannakis OmiruAccording to the news of Greek Cypriot newspaper Simerini, Omiru spoke at the KS EDEK’s United Kingdom Organization’s meeting and emphasized the need for reshaping the foreign policy and said that the Europeans and UN are displaying an attitude towards Turkey’s favour.

Omiru stated that they should review the ‘European identity’.

According to the news, Omiru evaluated the Greek Cypriot economy and stated that the Euro Group have turned the Greek Cypriot Administration into an ‘experimental animal’ and created a heavy blow on the economy.

Putin signs law on loan restructuring for South Cyprus

President Vladimir Putin endorsed the restructuring of an intergovernmental agreement on a state financial loan for South Cyprus, signed in December 2011.Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law to ratify a protocol on the restructuring of a loan to South Cyprus.

Russia and South Cyprus signed an intergovernmental agreement on the provision of a state financial loan for South Cyprus in December 2011. It stipulates that a single repayment of $2.754 billion be made on July 1, 2016. The loan’s annual interest rate was calculated at 4.5 percent.

A protocol that included a reduction of the annual interest rate to 2.5 percent was signed in August 2013, after the Greek Cypriot government asked for a restructuring of the debt over the deterioration of the financial situation in the country. The document also delayed the repayment of the debt until the period between 2018 and 2021.

In February, Putin and leader of Greek Cypriot administration Nicos Anastasiades met in Moscow to discuss bilateral relations and key international issues. The meeting resulted in the countries signing a number of documents on cooperation, including in the military and naval fields, the fight against terrorism, drug trafficking, and in science, education and culture.

The Bank of Russia and the Greek Cypriot Securities and Exchange Commission, as well as the Invest in Russia agency and Greek Cypriot investment promotion agency also signed a memorandum of understanding.

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