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Jacqui Sharpe runs in EFRaR 2015 for Tulips

Jacqui Sharpe runs in EFRaR 2015 for



Raising money for TULIPS (Help Those with Cancer)

By Sue Steel….
EFRaR Committee Member….

One lady taking part in the Esentepe Fun, Run and Ramble 2015 is grateful everyday for the treatment and care she received from Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips).

Jacqui and Ian Sharpe 2014 EFRAR

Jacqui and Ian Sharpe 2014 EFRAR

Jacqui Sharpe, 50, of Çatalköy was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer in May 2013 so took the drastic step of having a double mastectomy.

Mrs Sharpe said: “My mum died of breast cancer as did her sister, her daughter and my grandmother so it did feel a little like I had a ticking time bomb strapped to my chest.”

She explained: “After my surgery, I got in touch with Sue Tilt who arranged for me to meet Raziye Kocaïsmaïl who listened to my fears and talked of her own journey with cancer. She arranged for me to see an oncology professor and my chemotherapy treatment began. My treatment ended in October 2013 but I still have 3 monthly check-ups.”

She continued: “Tulips’ help has been vital. From that first contact with Raziye they have always been available to allay fears, answer questions, problem solve or simply to share coffee, cake and a chat. I have had an outreach support worker throughout, Pam Kennedy, who continues to be a source of information and support.”

Mrs Sharpe admitted that she had been unaware that the funding for the treatment of cancer in North Cyprus relies totally on donation and that is why she was determined to run in 2014 and is even more determined to take part in 2015.EFRaR logo

In 2014 Mrs Sharpe ran with her husband Ian who she describes as being “such a support to me throughout the whole horridness” and her daughter, Gina and as a family they raised 4,320TL.

She said: “I don’t expect to make anywhere near the amount we raised last year, but I do know that every lira raised will be well used and will make a massive difference so before I set off I will take a deep breath and think about how lucky I am to be here, able to run and give something back to Tulips.”