January 30, 2023

John M Koenig – I think the Ambassador

is wrong By Dr Christian Heinze


John M Koenig – They either choose to improve relations or they will choose the status quo and alienation.

By Christian Heinze

In a speech made, according to TRNC PIO news (click here) of 27th February 2015, the US Ambassador John M. Koenig said about Cyprus: “They either choose to improve relaJohn M koenig smltions or they will choose the status quo and alienation, a road which is far away from solution.”

I think the Ambassador is wrong in assuming that no alternative exists between the status quo and alienation. The status quo consists in alienation because of the usurpatory Cyprus policy of the Greek conflicting party which is supported since 50 years i.a. by the USA and culminates presently in the embargo imposed on TRNC through non-recognition.

If TRNC were recognized and the equal status of the two Communities thus established, the ground would be paved for a permanently peaceful “solution” by gradually overcoming alienation.

Christian Heinze, 2015 02 27

Editors Notes.

Dr Christian Heinze was tDr Christian Heinze 3he Assistant to the late President of the Constitutional Court of the “Republic of Cyprus” in Nicosia in 1962/63.

In a recent article “Cyprus Conflict In A Nutshell” Dr Christian Heinze said there are four solutions to resolve the Cyprus issue which you may read by clicking here,.

To read more of Christians Heinze’s articles and analysis of the Cyprus issue, please visit his website click here


If TRNC was recognised

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