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TRNC stray dog Jack now has official UK Kennel Club status!

TRNC stray dog Jack now has official

UK Kennel Club status!

By Kim Betts
Kyrenia Animal Rescue

In 2014 holiday makers Pauline and Derek were happy spending their day’s swimming, sunning and general chilling out at the Mare Monte beach. But a small bKennel Club jacklack and tan puppy had caught their eye and would soon capture their hearts. He was regularly on the beach and they started feeding him – after being fed he would snuggle down under their sun bed to snooze away the afternoons. He would look forlornly at them when it was time for them to pack up and leave at the end of the day.

It became clear that he had no owner and Pauline and Derek were so worried about what would happen to him when they returned to the UK.  After a few days they simply couldn’t stand his sad sad eyes and down beat face when it was time for them to go home – so the pup went back to their Alsancak villa whilst they decided what to do. They nicknamed him Jack (from the pronunciation of Alsancak).

After much heart searching and long talks they knew that they just couldn’t leave him behind forever at the end of their hKennel Club jack 2oliday. They visited KAR Pet Travel and all of the options were discussed and Jack’s fate was happily sealed. He went into boarding for 4 months whilst he underwent his UK entry requirement procedures.

During this time Pauline approached The UK Kennel Club as they are very involved in Dog Agility and wanted to know if Jack could go along even if he wasn’t participating. But only dogs that are registered with the Kennel Club are permitted to go to such competitions/trials/displays. So Pauline decided that it was worth trying to get Jack registered.

On 28th January his registration was accepted and his name was officially entered onto the Kennel Club Register. His name was chosen especially for him “Alsancak’s Jack of Hearts”– he certainly is “Jack” from “Alsancak” who stole Pauline and Derek’s “ hearts” !

Jack was recently happily reunited in the UK with  Pauline and Derek – no doubt he will continue to steal a few more “hearts”.


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    • Thank you and we do our best. Sorry about the broken link on Facebook the same thing happened with another link we copied over from another source. Facebook pulled in text and a picture but would not work so we had to redo the link and then it was perfect.

      We live and learn 🙂 🙂

  1. Thank You Pauline and Derek for your kindness to “Jack”! It warms one’s heart to read of some good news now and again!