December 1, 2022

SOS Children’s Village

6th Günaltay Durmuş Scout Camp


SOS Children’s Village Scout Club held its 6th Günaltay Durmuş Scout Camp last weekend.

In memory of its founder Günaltay Durmuş, who established the clubSOS Children’s Village 6th Günaltay Durmuş Scout Camp (1) image in 2001, the camp took place at the Esentepe Civil Defence branch.

Some 60 scouts, three scout leaders and three deputy scout leaders took part, as well as scouts from Colour Land and TED College prep schools.

The three-day educational camp featured a range of activities, such as a flag ceremony, morning workouts, a first aid course, and camp fires.

Children practiced finding their direction with compasses, fixing tents, and tying rope knots, as well as applying theoretic scout knowledge.

Fun activities included singing scout songs and learning scout claps, games and night walks.

SOS Children’s Village 6th Günaltay Durmuş Scout Camp (5) imageCandidate scouts were then sworn in with a ceremony.

Activities will continue on Sunday, February 22, to mark World Thinking Day. On this day, members of the SOS Children’s Village Scout Club will pay their respects to their founding leader, Günaltay Durmuş, at his grave in Zeytinlik Cemetery.

Following this, scouts at the SOS Youth House will plant trees, and the orchard will be named “SOS Youth House Günaltay Durmuş Scout Group”.

SOS Children’s Village Scout Club leader Besime Durmuş, said:

“We thank the Civil Defence Division, Girne Municipality, Bektaş Food, and Ahmet Aydın for all of their support and making the camp possible.”


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