December 1, 2022

Cyprus History

The Year That Divided Cyprus

By Ralph Kratzer

Divided CyprusWe have already published numerous articles on our websites and which deal with the separation of Cyprus in 1974, the history before and after.

The island is, to date, divided into the Turkish Cypriot northern and the Greek Cypriot southern part, and as it seems at the moment, not much will change in the foreseeable future.

On the Internet I found by chance a video report by Carla Prater for Forces TV, which is relatively new and is dealing with the separation of Cyprus in a clear way.

The Year That Divided Cyprus by Carla Prater

Forcestv LogoIn 1974 Cyprus was torn apart by fighting following a military coup and the arrival of Turkish forces on the island.

For over 40 years, the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities have been separated and a buffer zone has been put in place between the two sides.

Carla Prater has been looking back at the events of that year and how the island has moved on from its divide.

To watch the video – please click here!

Source: Forces TV

6 thoughts on “Cyprus History – The Year That Divided Cyprus

  1. watched the whole thing ….1 … no mention of turkish cypriots living in tents from 63 onwards ??!! 2… no metion that turkish cypriots had to abandon their homes for at least the 3rd time in 1974??!! 3 .. no interview with a turkish cypriot who left everything behind in 1974 ??!! 4… no footage of turkish cypriot martyrs or mass grave commemorations ?? !!

  2. also tried to send video to an e mail adress but it didnt go … can you please send this to my e mail address

  3. As a former editor of the Cyrpus and Turkey Star, who lived and worked in the TRNC (no relatives or connection with Turkish or Greek Cypriots before I arrived in 2008) I’m appalled that the propoganda machine orchestrated by the Greek side continues to trow a veil of secrecy over the events from the middle 1950s until 1974 when Turkey justifiably intervened according to an international agreement signed by Britain, Turkey and Greece. It would not too much of an exaggeration to say that the Turkish Cypriots were victims of ethnic cleansing and from 1963 herded into enclaves and forced to live in just THREE per cent of the island. This film, which I’m sure is a worthy attempt at putting a broad brush gloss on this most beautiful but troubled island, does not pay full respect to the actual events of history. The world has effectively drawn its own line in the the sand – one which favours Greece and wholly discriminates against Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots as a recognised nation. Nick Hudson

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