December 5, 2022

SeAngle Bar, Çatalköy

Music with Andrea

By Margaret Sheard….

There will be a music night at the SeAngle Bar in Çatalköy on Friday 13th February from 8-8.30pm when you can listen to songs from Andrea Harrington who is a vocalist from Swansea in South Wales.  She is classically trained but performs in soul, pop, rock and jazz.  Andrea has appeared on TV and radio in the UK and has performed at top venues such as Claridges and the Mayfair Hotel in London.

SeAngle Bar - Andrea

Having lived in South Wales for 33 years before coming to North Cyprus I can of course vouch for the “Land of Song” producing some fantastic singers so this should be a great evening of entertainment.

Why not make a note to go along, unfortunately food will not be available but you can enjoy a drink at the SeAngle and listen to Andrea who I am sure will have an excellent repertoire of songs to suit everyone.   You can catch a performance by Andrea at the Swansea Grand Theatre below.



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