January 30, 2023

Kyrenia Animal Rescue  

To Tag or not to Tag?


By Kim Betts
Kyrenia Animal Rescue

Often visitors to TRNC (and residents) are concerned about the tagged street dogs and whether they should be in the community or housed long term in shelters. KAR strongly believe that living in the community as a registered (tagged and micro chipped) street dog is a better option for most dogs..

Many dogs live long and happy lives in their communities, they are fed regularly, they are given attention and affection and can become part and parcel of the community. Others are even luckier – they find their new “forever” owners!

Here is Honey’s story…

“We first saw Honey outside Shooters Coffee Shop whilst on holiday visiting family on 1st September 2014.  When we visit North Cyprus I always buy dog and cat biscuits to feed any animals we meet during our stay.  As you can see from the first picture that’s where we first saw her, sat on the fake grass outside the coffee shop.  We were sat in the shade on the terrace.  I took a few biscuits out to her, and returned to where we were sitting leaving her to eat them. Five minutes or so later she had come and found us and lay down quietly next to us.  So I guess you could say “she chose us”.  From that moment we knew !

We made enquiries with Kim at KAR as to the costs involved and started the ball rolling.  Luckily she was tagged so we returned to Shooters the next day hoping that she would be there.  She was and Honey at the Vetswe photographed her ear tag showing her number.  It was at this point that we realised she was suffering with a severe infestation of ticks, and had large clusters of them on both ears.  We telephoned KAR and they were able to give us an indication of her age and background, which was extremely helpful to us.  On the 4th September we went back to Shooters to collect her. We were a little afraid that maybe she wouldn’t be there, but it was meant to be she was still there.  She came willingly with us and we took her back to my husband’s parent’s villa, where we all spent the night sleeping on the balcony, as her tick infestation was so severe.

We had made an appointment for 09.30 the next morning with Firdez, the vet at PetCross.  They gave her 3 baths Happy Honeyof tick & flea solution, she was clipped, micro chipped and tested for leish (sorry can’t spell).  Later that day we dropped her at the KAR office and she went from there into private boarding. She has been there getting ready to come to us for the last 4 months.

Many people we know here in the UK cannot comprehend why we didn’t rescue a dog from the RSPCA/Dogs Trust/Blue Cross as it would have been so much cheaper.

What they don’t understand is that we were just in Cyprus on holiday – Honey found and chose us – and we are so very glad she did”

If Honey had been taken to live in a shelter then it is very likely that she would still be there and wouldn’t have found Deb and Rich.

Happy Honey has a Home.

For more information on KAR – Kyrenia Animal Rescue please visit their website click here or Facebook page click here

4 thoughts on “Kyrenia Animal Rescue – To Tag or not to Tag?

  1. A wonderful story! Thank you for rescuing another furry baby from the streets. I truly hope your forever friend will give you many years of love and affection! Good luck and thank you!!

  2. Thank you for your kind words. Honey has settled in so well, it’s as though she has always been with us. We love her so much, We just wish we could have brought them all home! x

  3. Beautiful story,so happy for you and so so happy for honey,she’s beautiful.

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