December 1, 2022


Raising money for TULIPS (Help Those with Cancer)

By Sue Steel – EFRaR Committee Member….

THE founder of Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips), Raziye Kocaïsmaïl and her Project Co-ordinator, Engin Savim will walk the 8km route in this year’s Esentepe Fun, Run and Ramble.Tulips logo english

Mrs Kocaïsmaïl, who founded Tulips 21 years ago because there was no Oncology unit within the state hospital system stated: “It is very important we keep raising money for Tulips and I am very happy that the Esentepe Fun, Run and Ramble takes place each year and donates the money to us. Engin and I are going to walk the 8km route because we want people to see us and know we are very grateful for all they do to help us.”

Engin Savim, Mary Watson, Raziye Kocaismail
Engin Savim, Mary Watson, Raziye Kocaismail

She continued: “I am very excited about taking part in the 8km walk as I will walk for all our patients who are currently under treatment and I want to wish them a speedy recovery so that we can walk together next year. I am very much looking forward to the 5th of April”.

Art Watson, Chairman of this year’s committee for the Fun Run said: “We are delighted Mrs Kocaïsmaïl and Mr Savim are taking part in the event as this will, we believe, encourage more people to sign up EFR&R logothis year and perhaps encourage more sponsors too. We will cheer them both over the finish line.”

Engin Savim, Project Co-ordinator of Tulips said: “I believe that when the people see the President of the Association taking part in the Fun Run, more people will want to get involved”.

Both Mrs Kocaïsmaïl and Mr Savim have sponsorship forms and if you would like to sponsor either or both of them then please contact them via 0542 853 1121.

To find out more about Tulips visit their website by clicking here  or their Facebook page which is Tulips/Help Those with Cancer Association.

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