December 2, 2022 links to TRNC

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 By Chris Elliott

We are constantly looking to bring to our readers the latest news and reviews concerning Northern Cyprus, so following a re-focusing of our website, we have now added links on our website (bottom of the home or any other pages) to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Government Information websites so that much more information can be accessed from their pages through

TRNC Presidency

A very coDervis Eroglu smlmprehensive website which includes a profile of  the President, Dr. Derviş Eroĝlu and his duties, and authorities. There are also many of his key interviews and speeches.

The Presidential Negotiator, Ergün Olgun is listed together with members of his negotiating team plus Presidential Spokesman,  Osman Ertuğ and members of the Consultative Council.

There is also full contact information for the TRNC Presidency

TRNC Prime Ministry

The English version of this web page is currently under construction but most information pages can be read and when viewing this website in Turkish further planned enhancemÖzkan Yorgancıoğlu 2ents can be seen.

The pages currently available for viewing in English include a profile of Prime Minister Özkan Yorgancıoğlu  and a listing of the Council of Ministers together  with an organisation chart  and details of  past Prime Ministers  and  TRNC Governments.

A picture gallery is included together with a contact page which shows full contact details for the TRNC Prime Ministry.

TRNC Deputy Prime Ministry, Ministry of Economy, Tourism, Culture and Sports.

The website contSerdar Denktasains a profile of Deputy Prime Minister Serdar Denktaş and  an organizational chart  of  the various  Ministry Departments and  the functions  are described on the relevant pages.

Key  elements of the  website deal with the subjects of News, Economy, Tourism and  Media with various articles or separate pages but Culture, Sport and Youth would appear to be in Turkish only at this time whilst  the website is being fully  updated..

TRNC Ministry of Foreign Affairs

One can only say that this is such an informative and impressive website which gives so much information and it just takes time to explore an Aladdin’s Cave of such Ozdil Namia wealth of information.

The website contains pages that give a profile of Foreign Minister Özdil Nami and a Ministerial Organizational Chart and details of former Foreign Ministers. Foreign Policy, Consular Information and the Cyprus Problem are covered in great depth. Social and Cultural Activities, a Photo Gallery and Documents plus Contact Information and so much more is included.

For expatriate readers – under useful information there are included details of Visa Regulations and advice on the procedures when applying to purchase a property in the TRNC.

Welcome to North Cyprus

This is the website run by the North Cyprus Tourism Centre, London and apart from some splendid North Cyprus logo smlpages with so many gorgeous pictures showing the delights of many aspects of the sights and scenes of North Cyprus, it also lists so many aspects of taking a holiday in North Cyprus.

This information includes:   Tour Operators, Useful Information, Visa and Passport Regulations, Weddings in North Cyprus and so much more to help you arrange your next holiday or visit to Northern Cyprus. You can even order a catalogue from Welcome to North Cyprus by clicking here or download a tourist map and many interesting brochures for those who want a holiday with a real difference on the Jewel in the Mediterranean.

For the future we will continue to bring you day by day news and reviews as they are received from the various TRNC Ministry press releases.


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  1. Ah, but what information from the Minister for the Interior (the Ministry affecting expats living here in the TRNC). Noticeable by its absence!!

    1. Nothing wrong there Tom! The TRNC Ministry of Interior website has yet to catch up with its English translations like the other Ministry websites which are just being completed.

      Had we put the link on you would have had far more to be upset about.

      Thank you for raising the issue but please be patient and keep checking our pages for this important addition. 🙂

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