December 10, 2023

Project of the Century

“Water will arrive on 20th of July this year”

Pipeline_2Turkish Minister of Forestry and Water Works Veysel Eroğlu said that water from Turkey will be running by 20th of July 2015.

According Milliyet Kıbrıs’ report Eroğlu spoke surely about the date water will arrive from Turkey to North Cyprus and he claimed on 20th of July 2015 water will be running from the taps. Between the initial date that was announced last year and the new given date there is a year.

In 2014 Turkish officials announced that the water was going to arrive on 20 July 2014, today Turkish Minister said the water will arrive on 20 July 2015. On the other hand, according to the latest news, a contractor firm working on the installations of the pipes halted their works due to not being paid for the last 8 months. If the suspension of work continues, the new date may also be further delayed says the experts.

Source: KP Daily News

1 thought on “Project of the Century – “Water will arrive on 20th of July this year”

  1. Charge for water has steadily gone up during the last few years and I am wondering how much more this water from Turkey is going to cost.

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