December 9, 2022

Heidi Trautmann receives award

from the President of the

German Federal Republic

By Margaret Sheard….

The name Heidi Trautmann is well-known in the art and culture scene in North Cyprus and as well as her own brilliant work she promotes many other people and projects in the area of the art and Heidi picculture of Cyprus as well as her homeland, Germany.

I was so pleased to receive a message from Heidi to say how proud and honoured she is to have been awarded the Order of Merit by the President of the German Federal Republic for her work in Cyprus in art and culture, for “bridging” and bi-communal work, publications, books etc..

The award will be made at a ceremony to be held at the either the German Embassy or the Residence in Nicosia in January and I am sure many people will join me in congratulating Heidi on this wonderful achievement.




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