January 30, 2023

TRNC News Today 24th December 2014

South Cyprus contradicts with EU due to the support given to Egypt

It was reported that South Cyprus has contradicted EU countries on the issue of human rights in support for Egypt FlagSouthCyprusand the EU countries are not pleased with South Cyprus’s attitude.  Greek Cypriot daily Politis reported that South Cyprus together with Greece has been supporting President of Egypt, Abdülfettah El Sis since he had taken power and their support reached its peak at the meeting held in the UN on 29th of October.

Politis also reported that during the meeting held in New York, Greek Cypriot and Greek diplomats opposed an EU Joint resolution regarding human rights violations in Egypt and the EU countries are not pleased with this attitude.

Yorgancıoğlu: “I have the same sensitivity for Nuclear Energy Power plant”

Prime Minister Özkan YorgancıoğluÖzkan Yorgancıoğlu said that he takes into consideration the concerns and sensitivities demonstrated by the environmental organisations and citizens regarding the nuclear energy power plant that is planned to be constructed in Akkuyu Turkey. Prime Minister Yorgancıoğlu received the authorities of “No to Nuclear Platform” which is composed of some political parties, non-governmental organisations and unions under the leadership of environmental organisations. Stating that he shares the same sensitivity, Yorgancıoğlu said that he will get the necessary information about the power plant in a short while.

Lefkosa Turkish Municipality hosts New Year Reception for Foreign Mission Representatives

According to the information given by Lefkoşa Turkish Municipality, Mayor Harmancı hosted a New Year reception for Lefkosa Turkish Municipality logoforeign missions in Cyprus and representatives of international institutions. In his speech at the reception, Harmancı said that Lefkoşa Turkish Municipality was founded in 1958 before the 1960 Cyprus Republic and because of this Lefkoşa Turkish Municipality is the only local administration in North Cyprus which is recognised in the international arena. Harmancı also stressed that the first step of bi-communal projects was carried out by Lefkoşa Turkish Municipality. Expressing that bi-communal projects make great contributions to the solution process in Cyprus, Harmancı said that the most important example for bi-communal projects is Haspolat Waste Water Treatment Facility. Harmancı also stated that while developing infrastructure and environmental projects, North and South Lefkoşa should be considered as one.

“Living Traditions” exhibition will be opening today

Turkish Cypriot Handicrafts Cooperative is organizing a handicraft Handicraftsexhibition named “Living Traditions”.

The exhibition organized is under the auspices of Müge Denktaş, the spouse of Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy, Tourism, Culture and Sport Serdar Denktaş, and will be open until  27 December 2014 and can be visited between the hours of 09:00-17:00. The opening of the exhibition, which will take place in Saçaklı Ev, will be at 11:00am today.

NEU Founder Rector Günsel is awarded State Honour by the Autonomous Republic of Gagauzia

Gagauzia Autonomous Republic has  awarded Founder Rector of Near East University – Suat GünselSuat Günsel with a 20th year state honour. The award was presented to Rector Günsel by President of Gagauzia Autonomous State, Mikhail Formuzal.

According to the information given by NEU, Prime Minister of Moldova Lurie Lenca, politicians, ambassadors of Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus and Turkish Ambassador to Moldova and other accredited ambassadors in Moldova attended the ceremony organized in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the proclamation of Gagauzia Autonomous Republic.

Following the ceremony, Günsel addressed the Parliament of Gagauzia Autonomous Republic.

Günsel expressed that Gagauzia is an autonomous republic which is appreciated as an example by the world and congratulated the people of Gagauzia.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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