TRNC News Today 17th December 2014 – Eide to meet with Olgun today

TRNC News Today 17th December 2014

Eide to meet with Olgun today

UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor on Cyprus – Espen Barth Espen Barth EideEide arrived in Cyprus and met with the UN negotiation team yesterday. Eide also hosted a ‘Christmas reception’ for press members and non-governmental organizations at 18.30 pm at Ledra Palace Hotel.

In his short speech at the reception, Eide said that if in 2015 opportunities are not used in a good way, then it will be a year including difficulties. Eide added  “Many Cypriots agree with me ; if the Cyprus problem is solved its economic, social and political benefits will be seen ”.

Eide, who is going to meet with Greek Ergun OlgunCypriot negotiator – Mavroyannis at 11:00 and with Turkish Cypriot negotiator – Ergün Olgun at 12:30 today, is expected to leave the island following the meetings.

Answering the questions of TAK correspondent, Turkish Cypriot negotiator Ergün Olgun said that the latest developments and the opportunities regarding resumption of negotiations will be discussed during their meeting.

Reminding that theTurkish Cypriot side is still at the negotiation table, Olgun said that possibilities regarding the Greek Cypriot side’s return to the negotiation table will also be evaluated at the meeting.

Markopouliotis: “Financial aids for Turkish Cypriot Community continue… New resource 32.96 million Euros”

Euros loanEuropean Commission’s Cyprus Representative – Georgios Markopouliotis said that up to today, more than 380 million Euros have been allocated for the Turkish Cypriot “Community” within the framework of Financial Aid Support Program. Noting that financial aids will continue, Markopouliotis said that the latest amount of aid approved is 32.96 million Euros.

Papatoniou: “New pipeline project by Russia is a golden opportunity”

Former Economy and Finance Minister of Greece – Yannos Papantoniou said “new pipeline project by Russia gas pipelineis a golden opportunity for the solution of the Cyprus problem and the problem of sharing natural gas in the Eastern Mediterranean”.

Papantoniou, gave an interview to Anadolu Agency, evaluated the sharing of natural gas in the Eastern Mediterranean and said that the 60 year-old deadlock in the Cyprus problem can be solved by means of a source like natural gas that should be drilled quickly.

Answering a question whether his country drags Egypt into gas dispute intentionally or not, Papantoniou said “Egypt and Greece had good relations throughout history. For this reason it is impossible for Egypt not to be the part of the Eastern Mediterranean and not to get involved in this game. Egypt should have the right to speak on this issue also. The answer to all of these questions concerning the sharing of natural gas resources in the Eastern Mediterranean goes through the solution of the Cyprus problem”

Regarding Russia’s proposal about a new pipeline project going through Turkey, Papantoniou said that this project, for the reason that one leg is Turkey and other one is Greece, makes it a golden opportunity for developing the cooperation of the two countries and for the solution of the Cyprus problem.

Downward trend in oil and natural gas prices causes drawback in the East Med Pipeline project

Greek Cypriot daily Politis reported that governments of Israel, South Gas exploration rigCyprus and Greece are having concerns about “East Med Pipeline” project which will carry natural gas in Eastern Mediterranean to Europe via Greece because of the downward trend in oil and natural gas prices and the high construction costs.

The newspaper reported that the initiatives of governments of Israel, South Cyprus and Greece on European Commission increased the interests for the project and technocrats from the EU organs, member countries, and petroleum companies are showing more interest for the project. According to the newspaper, despite the economic sustainability of such a pipeline is attractive, the downward trend in oil and natural gas prices and high construction costs cause a drawback.

CTBA, called on Turkey, Greece, EU, UN AND USA for the resumption of negotiations

Cyprus Turkish Businessmen Association (CTBA) called on Turkey, Greece, United Nations, EU and United States of America to be creative and exert powerful effort for the resumption of negotiations in Cyprus.

In a written statement on behalf of CTBA, Metin Şadi said “We are expecting, as Cypriots mainly from Turkey and Greece and then from UN, EU, and USA and all other interested parties to be creative and exert powerful effort for the resumption of negotiations.

Şadi stated that the present phase of negotiations is a disappointment, and if hydrocarbon reserves in the area are used for the joint benefit and with collaboration, this will provide unique opportunities for all sides.

Sertoğlu: “Our duty is difficult but our intention is clear”

President of Cyprus Turkish Football Federation (CTFF) – Hasan Sertoğlu, stated that they will do their part for Hasan Sertoğlufinding optimum solutions, in order to reunite the island’s football, play football together again, be represented on an equitable basis and end the isolations that have been going on for years.

In a statement under the headline “Open letter to all Cypriots and Cyprus football community” Sertoğlu said “our duty is difficult but our intention is clear”.

Sertoğlu said “it should be known that we, as the CTFF are ready to do our part for this purpose immediately, hereby I want to mention my trust generally to KOP administration, and specially to my counterpart Kostakis Kutsokumnis who shows courage and vision like mine, it might not be possible to reach to all we want in one night but our main aim is to end this football separation of 60 years right away”.

Republican Turkish Party attended Socialist International Women’s Council

CTP delegation who attended Socialist International Women’s Socialist International Women’s CouncilCouncil said their party has done its part by preparing the establishment of 30% woman quota and the Office of Communal Gender Equality laws which will be approved by the assembly soon.

According to the statement made by CTP, the Socialist International Women’s Council meeting that brings world socialists together took place in Geneva with the topic of “Socialist International Women’s vision and women in politics”. .

At the meeting that took place in Geneva, presentations and projections were made and woman’s place and importance in politics was discussed. CTP is represented by the President of CTP Women’s Organization – Sibel Sorakın and Education Secretary – Emel Kişi.

“Permanent committee of Cyprus PANUNION form” gathered and took decisions

Bi-communal “Permanent committee of Cyprus PAN -UNION form” that is established by KTAMS, PASİDİ, SΕΚ, TÜRK-SEN, PΕΟ and DEV-İŞ gathered and prepared a plan for the following year.

At the joint written statement of, KTAMS, PASİDİ, SΕΚ, TÜRK-SEN, PΕΟ and DEV-İŞ it is stated that the unions have gathered in the previous months to re-operate Cyprus Pan Union Form, to be more involved in the resolution process of the Cyprus problem, in the efforts of strengthening the trade union movement of the country, to strengthen the dialog and united activity between Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot proletarian.

It’s expressed that the plan prepared has double axes and the double axes is formed for the purpose of activating “Cyprus PAN-UNION” and to enrich its activities.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office