December 3, 2022

Visit to Wayne’s Keep – November 2014

By Margaret Sheard….

Although I had arranged a visit to Wayne’s Keep for 4 of our ex-servicemen friends from the UK, we eventually joined together with the Royal British Legion, Kyrenia Branch, party which was attending Wayne's Keep 10 Nov 2014on the same day.

We met up at the Pia Bella Hotel in Girne and the 2 coaches arrived to collect the remainder of the group from this pick-up point.  Our access to the buffer zone was through Metehan Crossing and from there we were escorted by the UN to Wayne’s Keep which was our first port of call.  The Custodian, John Whitmore, who had arranged the visit for both myself and Service at Wayne's Keep 10 Nov 2014RBL, gave a short talk to the group about the cemetery before we passed through to wander around looking at the gravestones which I always find very distressing when you see the ages of these young men and women who lost their lives, 18, 19, 20 years old, such a waste.

Having visited the cemetery on quite a few occasions, we still have a Mick, Terry and Derek lay a cross for the Suffolk'sfeeling of sadness and this time with a large party of people it was even more poignant as many of them had a particular grave to visit.  One lady had a bouquet of flowers which she placed on her fiancee’s grave, such a sad moment.  3 of our friends from the Suffolk Regiment placed a cross on a grave of a fallen soldier of the Suffolk’s, as they did when we visited last year.

The UN Padre joined us and the Union Flag and UN Padre gives a Service of RemembranceBranch Standard was marched into the area by the RBL Branch Standard Bearer Mr. Kim Tyler, then there was a short Remembrance service and a wreath was laid by one of the group.  Two UN buglers played the last post at the end of the service.  It was a very emotional experience as I had found before when attending a Remembrance Sunday service at Wayne’s Keep.

We spent quite a bit of time at Wayne’s Keep before boarding the coaches again and travelling through the buffer zone to St Columba St Columba Church in the Buffer ZoneChurch, where the UN had laid on some refreshments.  As we were travelling it was interesting to hear the comments of the members of our party, Derek, Mick, Terry and Harry, as they recognised certain landmarks, it must be very nostalgic for them to be in the area where they spent most of their national service days in Cyprus way back in the 1950’s, many still being inPeter, Harry, Mick, Margaret, Terry, Derek their late teens.  The church is still in use and as you enter there is a room full of memorabilia and many photographs and then entering the church itself there is a feeling of peace and calm.   Another nostalgic visit for many.

It was time to board the coaches for our return journey back to Kyrenia and I think everyone enjoyed their visit to the buffer zone and to pay their respects at Wayne’s Keep.


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3 thoughts on “Visit to Wayne’s Keep – November 2014

  1. Dear Margaret, Thank you very much for your very moving piece about the visit to Wayne’s Keep. Although I was lucky enough to have been in Cyprus in 1954/55 just before the Eoka uprising, I still feel a great sadness for all the young men and women that were the same age as me and went into the National Service thinking it was just for 2 years. But ended up cut short in their young lives.You were right when you said “What a Waste!”. We must never forget them! Thanks again for your write up. Best wishes, Richard

  2. My husband served in the British Army in the late ‘fifties, got blown up and was in hospital for six weeks and narrowly missed the NAAFI bombing where he lost three mates. He visited their graves during the recent visit to Wayne’s Keep and was very grateful for the opportunity to visit their graves, and also for the organisation which was excellent.

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