December 2, 2022

TRNC News Today 16th October 2014

Greek Cypriots’ demand to return to North refused by USA Federal Court

After Europe, it also became a case-law in the USA, that the Greek Cypriots has no right to return to the North. USA Federal Court refused the Greek Cypriots’ demand to return to North Cyprus and / or being compensated, on 9 October 2014.

The Greek Cypriots tried their chance in the USA as well after the judgement of the trnc-flagEuropean Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on 27.05.2010; however they could not find what they expected. The ECHR’s judgement was “The houses which the Greek Cypriots left in North Cyprus are not their homes any more because they have lived almost for all their lives in another place and they have no concrete and persisting links with the houses they claimed. Therefore Greek Cypriots have no right to return to the North.”

USA Federal Court judged on 09 October 2014 that “Greek Cypriots cannot claim that the government in control of Northern Cyprus gave their homes to Turkish Cypriots”, “Although the United States does not recognize it as a state, it could be said that the TRNC operates as a democratic republic with a president, prime minister, legislature and judiciary”, “TRNC cannot be taken up as a lawsuit in Washington, DC.”.

The judgement which was defined as ‘vital’ for the Turkish Cypriots is expected to cause increases in investments in the TRNC.(STAR KIBRIS)

Foreign Minister Nami leaves for Hungary

Ozdil NamiForeign Minister Özdil Nami left for Hungary this morning to inaugurate the TRNC Representative Office in Budapest. Minister Nami will also hold a series of meetings during his visit

Minister Nami is accompanied by his Private Secretary Hüseyin Özel and will return to the Island upon completion of his contacts on 19 October 2014.


Speaker of the Assembly Siber : “We expect initiatives from the international community so that the Greek Cypriot side returns to the negotiation table”

Speaker of the Assembly – Sibel Siber asked the international community to show Sibel Siber 3initiative so that the Greek Cypriot side returns to the negotiating table from which they walked away with an excuse.

Siber said that the international community should not go along with the Greek Cypriot administration’s attitude and ignore the Turkish Cypriot community or   hesitate to meet with them.

Siber said : “While working on a bi-communal solution, it is unjust to listen to only the Greek Cypriot side which is internationally recognized . Listening to only one side is unjust and also does not make any positive contribution to the negotiation process”

Negotiator Olgun: “we are committed and working towards achieving a sustainable positive result from negotiations”

Ergun OlgunTurkish Cypriot negotiator Mustafa Ergün Olgun indicated that concerning the negotiations Turkish Cypriot side has nothing incomplete regarding the process and added: “we are committed and working towards achieving a sustainable positive result from negotiations.”Olgun added their aim is to find a solution in which both sides will win and nothing will discourage them in this connection.

Regarding the Island’s natural resources in which both sides have a say Olgun said, the Greek Cypriot side has administered the issue in such a way that they brought themselves to a deadlock.

Obstacle from South Cyprus to uniting GSM Operations

Efforts by the authorities of Fikri TorosTurkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce and South Cyprus Chamber of Industry and Commerce   to establish a network between the GSM operators of North and South has been blocked by the Greek Cypriot leadership.

President of the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce Fikri Toros said certification which is the most important part of the process is not given by the Greek Cypriot leadership and underlined that the ball is in the Greek Cypriot leadership’s court. (DETAY)


Source: TRNC Public Information Office





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