February 6, 2023

Practical Beekeeping Course begins 13th October

Admissions for the “Practical Beekeeping Training” course have commenced at the Girne American University Life-long Education Centre (GAUSEM).

For the professional beekeepers or those who Honeywant to do this job professionally, detailed training about beekeeping and honey production will be given in the course.

It is expressed that those who prefer a practical beekeeping course or want beekeeping as a hobby, have the appropriate places, to earn revenue from beekeeping or produce more natural honey in their garden.

Practical Beekeeping Course Begins on Monday, 13th October 2014

Admissions for the beekeeping course are continuing, and it is reported that the course will start on Monday, 13th October 2014.


Beekeeping Expert of the GAU Karpaz Life Campus Beekeeping Research Development and Application Centre – Oytun Sonel who Beecommented on the issue, pointed out that the potential of beekeeping in North Cyprus is not used productively and only 5% of the potential is utilized in the country.

Sonel, who pointed out that the specific Cyprus bee species has an important value in beekeeping, stated that the Cyprus bee is a species with very high honey yield but they are not preferred by local beekeepers because of their combative and swarming characters and the negative aspects of bringing bees of other species to country should be analysed.

Sonel stated that rehabilitation work for the specific Cyprus bee species and training of producers will continue in GAU Karpaz Life Campus Beekeeping Research, Development and Application Center and noted that admissions for the Practical Beekeeping Training course has commenced at GAUSEM.




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