January 30, 2023

European Federation of City Farms

City farm project in Kyrenia (Girne), Cyprus


By Chris Elliott

On Cyprusscene.com we get many messages offering information and sometimes asking for help and  this week we had the following message from Pauline Wolters.

“Last month I was on holiday in Cyprus and I came across a small animal Bariş Park, Kyrenia pictures - Courtesy of Pauline Wolters of EFCF 10 2 imagepark in Girne. I promised Mr. Bashar Iki Serdar to send him the short article I wrote for our newsletter. A friend of his helped with the translations.

The e-mail address he gave me did not work. Can you please see to it that he gets this Newsletter?

Thanks a lot.

Pauline Wolters”

Wanting to help, we contacted Pauline to discover that she was a board member of the European Federation of City Farms and whilst on holiday here in North Cyprus she visited Bariş Park in Kyrenai and wrote and submitted an article about the park which was included in their September newsletter  which you can read below.

 City farm project in Kyrenia (Girne), Cyprus

“When on holiday, Pauline Wolters, EFCF Board  Member, always happens to come across interesting places. This time, next to a local market in Kyrenia  (Girne) in Northern Cyprus, she found a very nice city farm project in a park Bariş Park, Kyrenia pictures - Courtesy of Pauline Wolters of EFCF 3 imagecalled ‘Bariş Parki’’.  The supervisor, Bashar Iki Serdar, explained that the place has been there for seven years now and is still in development.

In future there will also be goats, sheep and the Cypriot donkey. The whole park covers about a hectare and  employs 3 staff. The animals, mostly ducks, poultry and rabbits (which can run around freely in a kind of enormous iron dome). There is a small restaurant with a terrace, overlooking the park. Bashar says there is another project being developed in another part of the city.”

To read this article and many others in the EFCF September newsletter please click here and you can also visit their Facebook page by clicking here 

The EFCF website can be found by clicking here

If any of our local readers would like to tell us of other similar city farm projects here  in North Cyprus we will be pleased to write about them on cyprusscene.com and http://www.cyprusobserver.net and also share this news with the European Federation of City Farms.

With thanks to Pauline Wolters for sharing the photos shown on this page which she had taken in Bariş Park.

4 thoughts on “European Federation of City Farms – City farm project in Kyrenia (Girne), Cyprus

  1. We refuse to visit or tell people about this place of caged animals. There is a fox there which is an abomination.

    I am all in favour of “petting zoos” which are educational but keeping wild animals……………!!!!

    1. We all have an oppiinion David and for years and years people all round the world have been going to Zoos and also the many private places where animals can be seen and this is perhaps the other side of the coin that can be flipped.

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