December 2, 2022

Nicosia Initiative Commences

With Healthy City Project

The Nicosia Initiative, which operates under the social responsibility projects of GAU in the 2013/2014 academic years, together with its academic staff will commence the “Healthy City Project”.

The Nicosia Initiative, which was established with the contributions of Nicosia Walled City Committee and various non-governmental organizations through the aim to form a sustainable and livable Nicosia, has held a meeting in Arabahmet Culture and Meeting at ArabahmetArt House which was restored by Girne American University.

The meeting was attended by Chairs and Representatives of non-governmental organizations, GAU academicians, Municipality members of the assembly and activists in order to decide on the annual plan of the Nicosia Initiative. The theme of “Healthy City” was decided upon to integrate all the other aimed approaches such as evolving Nicosia to be an inclusive, participative, just, healthy, green, sustainable and livable city and undermining the current problems and observing the priorities.

The activity plan, which is formed under the Nicosia Initiative, aims to pay a visit to the Union of Cyprus Turkish Physicians, Chamber of KTMMOB Environment Engineers and to all other possible contributors of non-governmental organizations for the Healthy City project. The activity has decided also to keep track of the Municipality, the Municipal assembly and relevant committees and their approaches in this respect.




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