December 2, 2022

North Cyprus and puppies in need

By Chris Elliott

We seem to be reading so much about the plight of unwanted street animals on our streets at present despite the fact that the local municipalities are taking steps to remove strays from the streets and place them into safe compounds.

The fact is that one female cat and one female dog, if not neutered, are capable of producing over 50.000 offspring in 5 years which is a mind blowing fact.  Here in North Cyprus we are blessed with so many people concerned with this problem and for the past 15 years Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) have been doing their very best to deal with the problem and now we see many concerned people coming together and forming groups such as Hope 4 Pets, CEFA, Altin Patiler Klubu and many more to try to help deal with this monumental task.

Everyday with more and more strays or unwanted animals appearing on our streets, Amanda who is a cat lover alerted us to 6 delightful little puppies that had been abandoned in a cardboard box by the roadside which was a heartless and dangerous thing to do and we are showing her picture of these gorgeous little mites and perhaps some of our local readers would like to give one or all of them a forever home. If so, please call Amanda on 0533 823 3974.


Amandas puppies


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