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TRNC News Today – 26th September 2014

President Eroğlu: “We will demand from UN Secretary General to interfere more actively in negotiations”

President Derviş Eroğlu stated that during his meeting with the UN Secretary General, he would demand the UN Secretary General to interfere more actively in negotiations in order to reach a result and to Dervis erogluorganize one or two Cyprus summit with this aim.

Responding to the questions of journalist Hasan Hastürer in New York, President Eroğlu said “As the Turkish Cypriot side, we will not abandon the convergences reached between the two sides before”. In his statement, Eroğlu also reminded that after taking over his duty as the President, he sent a letter to the UN Secretary General in which he stated that he would continue the negotiations from the stage left.

Furthermore, upon being asked whether he believes that the new Special Advisor on Cyprus will contribute to the negotiation process, the President said that all advisors come with excitement and Eide is a good diplomat.

Adding that Eide seems hopeful for the Cyprus problem, Eroğlu said that Eide can share his views and opinions with the Turkish Cypriot side by shuttle diplomacy.

Moreover, regarding his meeting with the OIC Secretary General, the President said that the meeting was held in a friendly atmosphere, and wished continuation of the dialogue with the OIC.

Foreign Minister Nami meets with Secretary General of ECO, Aleskerov

Within the framework of his contacts at the 69th Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, Foreign Minister Özdil Nami has met with Shamil Aleskerov, Secretary General Ozdil Namiof the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), of which the TRNC is an observing member.

In addition to providing Secretary General Aleskerov with information on the most recent developments pertaining to the ongoing negotiation process in Cyprus, Foreign Minister Nami underlined that developing relations with the ECO would be greatly beneficial, both to member countries, as well as the Turkish Cypriot economy. Foreign Minister Nami also emphasized the reality that the water and electrical energy to be obtained from Turkey in the near future will bring new investment opportunities and called on entrepreneurs from ECO member countries to invest in the TRNC.

ECO Secretary General Aleskerov expressed his content for meeting with Foreign Minister Nami and emphasized that he is in favour of improving the economic relations between ECO member countries and the TRNC, underlining that in order to accomplish this, the communication between the TRNC and the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of ECO member countries must be developed.

Foreign Minister Nami meets with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Somalia, Beileh

Foreign Minister Özdil Nami has met with Abdirrahman Dualeh Beileh, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Somalia, within the framework of his New York contacts.

Abdirrahman Dualeh BeilehAt the meeting which took place yesterday (25 September), Foreign Minister Nami conveyed information to Foreign Minister Beileh of the brotherly Muslim country of Somalia pertaining to the latest stage reached in the Cyprus issue, as well as education opportunities in the TRNC.

Foreign Minister Nami also kindly requested that Somali Foreign Minister Beileh convey the Turkish Cypriot position at various platforms where Turkish Cypriots are not able to be represented.

Expressing his content for having met with Foreign Minister Nami, Somali Foreign Minister Beileh stated that until recently, Somalia had been more occupied with domestic matters but is now dealing increasingly with international affairs and would therefore be honoured to establish closer relations with the Turkish Cypriots. Beileh also thanked Foreign Minister Nami for the education opportunities that the TRNC has provided to his country’s youth.

Beileh also stated to Minister Nami that he will bring up the position of the Turkish Cypriots, who are brothers of Somalia, and their desire for peace and solution at all possible platforms and that the relations between their two countries will continue to develop.

‘Büyük Mosque’ in Paphos is opened to worship for the first time after 1974

Büyük Mosque (Ebubekir Mosque) in Paphos in South Cyprus has been opened to visitors for the first time after 1974. Talip AtalaySalaat was also performed at the mosque yesterday, for the first time since 1974.

More than 100 Turkish Cypriots from the TRNC went to Paphos for the opening of the mosque to visitors. Performing of the first salaat after 40 years was realized by head of the Religious Affairs Department Talip Atalay.

The visit of Talip Atalay is important because he is the first mufti who visits Paphos upon the invitation of Greek Cypriot Archbishop Christostomos II after 40 years.

On the other hand, Talip Atalay and Christostomos II held a joint press meeting following the midday salaat yesterday.

Stating that the meeting of two religious leaders during a period that the conflicts in the Middle East continue is very important, Atalay pointed out that they endeavour in order to show that different religions can exist together.

On his part, Christostomos II stated that their most important objective is to make two peoples to come close, and opening of the mosques and churches by restoring them for worshiping.

Christostomos II added that the worship places in Cyprus belong to neither Turkish Cypriots nor Greek Cypriots; they belong to the whole island.

Restoration of Apostolos Andreas Monastery has started

It was stated that the restoration of Apostolos Andreas Monastery and the buildings around the monastery has started.

Apostolos Andreas MonasteryFollowing transportation of icons into the monastery, the main building of the church was closed to visitors, and the monastery has been delivered to the Turkish-Greek partnership contracting company which will restore the church.

The restoration project of Apostolos Andreas Monastery was prepared by Patras University in Greece.

The restoration of the Apostolos Andreas Monastery will be conducted in 3 stages and completed on 30 April 2016. A temporary church has been built close to the Apostolos Andreas Monastery.

Moreover, it was stated that Vakıf Administration made 2.5 million Euros contribution for the restoration of Apostolos Andreas Monastery.

In addition to the contribution of the Greek Cypriot Orthodox Church, the USA will also make a 25.000 dollars symbolic contribution for the restoration.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office


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