December 2, 2022

Will he … won’t he ? Reggie’s tale.

A  real life story from Kyrenia Animal Rescue

By Kim Betts

One of our regular homing supporters, Stefe, had recently been waiting for her chosen Centre dog, Reggie, to travel on a flight to Germany. Reggie was one of the “long stay” residents at the KAR Rescue Center. He had been with KAR since 2007 after coming in from Alsancak – he was a shy dog with such soleful eyes.

Just a short while before he was due to fly to his new home KAR had to email Stefe with some terrible news. Poor Reggie had been bitten by a poisonous snake.. He was very poorly indeed and spent quite some time at the vets receiving anti venom serum and being given IV fluids. Everyone was so worried about him – would he survive and even if he did would he be fit to travel? KAR and the vets expected not and forwarned Stefe that his flight date may need to be delayed until we knew if he was going to be ok.

Reggie, with the help of the vets and KAR staff, made an amazingly speedy recovery and with only a couple of days to go until his flight  Reggie was back at the vets having tests to see if any long term damage had been done to his internal organs – there was some damage but it was not thoreggie taking a restught to be long term. Lucky Reggie was given the all clear to fly to his new home in Germany. Everyone was delighted.

Stefe has kept us updated about Reggie, since he arrived in Germany, and here are a few words from her ………………….

“ You might be curious how this older boy Reggie is doing in his new environment. Besides we called him ‘Bootsmann” (say: boatsman) after a character in a novel. I was curious too, how long adaption time would take with a soul that in almost seven years has not experienced anything else than the shelter routine. And like the younger ones he adapted enormously quickly. He soaks in new things like a sponge, he orients himself on us and the pack very much but still has a lot of self esteem. The only thing that often breaks my heart is when we enter the house or go through a gate, then he gets very nervous and begs me to come with him – like I would leave him there  – but I will never leave him anywhere – of course!

He has learned so many things – like taking the elevator, waiting at the sidewalk, he can have a rest without following Reggie enjoys a paddleme through the apartment. He took a swim, he went to the doctor, he can jump into the car, like he has never done anything else. He runs, runs and runs in the woods and our heart is jumping. He is so gentle and nice and relaxed. I know there are many more like him in the shelter. I wish more people would adopt dogs instead of ‘shopping’ them from a breeder.

In the meantime Bootsmann (Reggie) is enriching our lives so much. He sometimes acts like a puppy. He is not afraid of anything tries out everything that comes along and is so gentle. He has gained muscles and jumps and runs and is very happy (we hope) “

Bootsman (Reggie) is just one example of how even “old dogs can be taught new tricks” and the happiest trick for them to learn is how to become part of a loving “Forever” home.

KAR has 11 dogs being prepared for new homes outside of the TRNC. 3 rescue centre dogs are going to “forever” homes in Germany. 3 rescue centre dogs are waiting to go to their “ forever” homes in the UK. 5 KAR tag street dogs have new “forever” homes in the UK and all are undergoing their export process.

To give a rescue dog or cat a home will not change the world

but it will change the world for that animal.

That is certainly true for Bootsmann (Reggie) and the others waiting patiently to go.

If you can offer a home to one of our center dogs- or fall in love with one of the KAR tag dogs – please contact us at or call 0090 533 8694098.


Reggie with his friends
Reggie is happy with his friends

7 thoughts on “Will he … won’t he ? Reggie’s tale – A real life story from Kyrenia Animal Rescue

  1. We walked Reggie twice a week at the centre with the rest of his compound and others. We watched him grow from a very thin shy dog to a healthy and happy one who loved to race around the trees and explore. We are so pleased he recovered from the snake bite and has gone on to such a happy life. Thank you to Stefe in Germany for giving him such a wonderful and loving home.

  2. I wish I had known about KAR and your wonderful work in helping dogs travel to other countries, when I was out in Cyprus last year. A beautiful beige terrier attached himself to us and I fell in love with him. Was so sad to leave him behind at the end of our holiday. A friend said he would look after him till my return, but when I went back, he was gone.

  3. We used to visit north Cyprus a lot and would always visit KAR, loved to walk the dogs but always sad to say goodbye, unfortantlely my partner now has alzhiemers and we don’t travel now but I will never ever fogprget the animals at KAR. Wishing on a star one day I will come back.

  4. I too wish I had known about KAR. We stayed in farmagusta in August and there was 2 dogs at our hotel. Really fell in love with one of them and she spent a lot of time in our bungalow enjoying the air conditioning. Everyone fed her but she was so thin. She would be a lovely faithful companion but I think would have needed a real outdoor life. I felt bad when we left but knew she would attach herself to the next holiday maker. So sad and still think about her now

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