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EFRaR Pirates set sail for Tulips

EFRaR Pirates set sail for Tulips


By Mary Watson

On Tuesday 16th September 40 bold pirates set sail on the African Queen for an afternoon and evening of fun and entertainment on behalf of Tulips (Help Those With Cancer Association) There was an impressive display of pirate costumes, with normally law abiding EFRaR Pirates set sail for Tulips 2citizens sporting cutlasses, eye patches, ragged clothes and pirate hats.

Initially it was more waves than rave as the seas were rougher than expected and a couple of pirates were in danger of losing their sea legs. The Titanic music added to the sense of drama. The experienced pilot quickly changed course so that the boat could anchor at the new harbour instead of Escape Beach.

As always the crew of the African Queen provided excellent food, good service and really entered into the spirit of the event. Brian Hills, the main organiser, helped the pirates enjoy a quiz, karaoke and good dance music and many pirates were still dancing on the arrival in Girne harbour.

There was a prize for the best dressed male and female pirate and they were EFRaR Pirates set sail for Tulips 13 smlwon by Mike Harman and Karen Hill and Mr T, owner of the African Queen, made a generous donation of 25TL per head and with a raffle and a 50TL donation from the bar staff the day raised an impressive 1,645TL for Tulips.

Art Watson, Chairman of the Esentepe Fun Run and Ramble said “This is the first event for the Esentepe Fun Run and Ramble, which takes place in April each year. Last year we raised almost 66,000TL for Tulips which is so important to their work as the number of cancer sufferers on the island seems to be increasing. We are aiming to raise even more money for the Fun Run next year and have already started to organise events to boost funds. I would like to thank everyone who joined us, especially Brian Hills, Mr T and Gill Moon for the photos”.

With sincere thanks to everybody that came along to support our event and of course to all of those lovely people who helped us arrange it.

Mary Watson

Esentepe Fun Run and Ramble Committee