February 5, 2023

Çatalköy 5th Beşparmak Festival


By Chris Elliott

The Çatalköy Municipality have just announced the great news that they will be holding the 5th Beşparmak Festival on the 20th and 21st of September 2014 and for those local readers who have attended previous festivals we are sure this one will not disappoint them.  From our interpretation of what was said at the Turkish language press conference these are the main points of interest:

Çatalköy Mayor, Mehmet Hulusioĝlu said  ; There are many festivals held in our country but we will do our best at this event  to encompass the spirit of the Turkish Cypriot people and foreignersDerman Atik, Mehmet Hulusioĝlu and Abdullah Öztoprak  sml living in our  country and also show tourists our culture and artistic activities.

Our festival team have been trying hard to project our art and culture to the world and in  the next 2 to 3 years we hope to attract a lot more interest and people worldwide to our festival which shows our  history and  culture.

Project Co-ordinator Derman Atik said  our artists will perform again this year in their home country with a wonderful two days of culture and the arts including also artists from Croatia and for  the first time in Catalköy Municipality our City Orchestra concert will take place.

Show Director Abdullah Öztoprak said we have prepared a show named  “Zerda”. to show old traditions and to tell people with plenty of music, excitement, dance, and art which has been created and inspired by my childhood  and we will bring you even more exciting events and visual and hearing experiences than previous festivals and hope you will come to enjoy the event with us.

For our readers we show below the events poster which was only made available in Turkish language.




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