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Super Soaking at Soyz Bar in aid of Tulips

Super Soaking at Soyz Bar in aid of Tulips

Tulips logo englishBy Mary Day

On Sunday 31st August three brave ladies took up the ice bucket challenge at Soyz Bar in Ҫatakoy to help raise money for Tulips charity.

Leslie, Carole & Lynda get ready for the Ice bucket challenge

Lynda Stirling, Carole Clews & Lesley Roper had been nominated by friends to take the challenge and had decided that they would like to donate the money they raised to Tulips.

Soy Tevfik and Pembe Tevfik had also been nominated so a BBQ party and entertainment from Jamie – The Man in Black was sure to help attract a few people to support the cause and that it certainly did with almost 80 people there to cheer the ladies on.

It must also be said that a huge thank you goes out to Jamie Vincent for standing in with the entertainment at such short notice.

So the ice buckets are at the ready and the ladies are all lined up sitting comfortably in their chairs and as the children chant “ice bucket, ice bucket” the ladies all braced themselves for a super sized soaking, there was a call for a water tanker just to add to the excitement and the look on the faces of Lynda, Carole and Lesley was that of fear I think and the relief was definitely felt by the ladies when everyone broke out into laughter.  Lynda went first and gave her thanks and nominations followed by Carole and Lesley, what good sports they had all been.


Wayne Fury hands 140TL to Lynda for Tulips

Wayne Fury had also been nominated but sadly was unable to take part in the challenge but he did place an ice cube on his head and did a mini challenge, he and wife Gina more than made up for it as they donated a very generous 140TL for which Tulips send a very big thank you.

It was a wonderful afternoon and evening with much support shown for the event so a big thank you to Lynda, Carole and Lesley and not forgetting Jamie The Man in Black and Soyz Bar, what a fantastic day it was.



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