TRNC News Today – 8th August 2014

President Eroglu : “No one can force me to sign an
agreement which will endanger our people”

Stressing that they are in favour of an agreement in Cyprus however Erogluexisting realities should be taken into consideration, President Derviş Eroglu said: “I am working sincerely for an agreement with the awareness of the kind of agreement that our people desire, but no one can force me to sign an agreement which will endanger our people in future.”

President Eroglu issued a message due to the 50th anniversary of the Erenköy Resistance. In his message Eroğlu said that Turkish Cypriot People are decisive and happy to live under their own administration on their own territory in freedom. Eroglu also pointed out that no one can drag them to a ‘so called’ solution  and added : “I have to disclose to the Turkish Cypriot people that Greek Cypriots still want to make us accept an agreement which will open the way to the pre-1974 period.

Usage of the expression of TRNC annoyed Greek Cypriots

The Greek Cypriot administration reacted to the usage of the expression of TRNC in a secret internal document by the UNFICYP_2 Police.

Greek Cypriot Foreign Ministry made an attempt related to the issue at the UNFICYP and asked for an explanation about the case.

US Senator Levin: “Solution is for the benefit of the USA”

US Senator from Michigan Carl Levin said in a speech he made at the Carl LevinUS Senate that division of Cyprus is not for the benefit of the people living in the island, Turkey and Greece, USA and her allies and the world in general.

 According to the news of the Ground Report which is being published in the USA, Levin said that people living in both North and South of the island are facing great difficulties and the Eastern Mediterranean Region which is already unstable has been made further unstable. (Kıbrıs)

Source: TRNC Public Information Office