Turkish Popstar denied entry into Greece for having Turkish Cyprus Visa

Turkish Popstar denied entry into Greece

for having Turkish Cyprus Visa

BengüTurkish popstar Bengü has been denied entry into a Greek island for having a Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus visa on her passport, the daily Hürriyet reported on its website.

Bengü, 35, was on holiday in Çeşme, a popular location in İzmir, before going to the island of Chios, on the other side of the Aegean Sea.

However, the pop singer was denied entry to the island by immigration officers, because she had a stamp belonging to Northern Cyprus on her passport, the Turkish side of the divided island, which Greece does not officially recognize.

Bengü had to return back to Çeşme the next day by ferry, the report said.

Following a brutal offensive by Greek Cyprus against Turkish Cypriots, the Turkish military intervened in 1974, resulting in the island’s division into the Turkish-speaking north and an internationally recognized Greek-speaking south.

A Turkish Cypriot declaration of independence is only recognized by Turkey, which maintains around 35,000 troops on the island.

Nevertheless, Greek islands have become a popular destination among Turkish tourists, which has resulted in an increase in ferry tours and direct flights to the Greek islands from Turkey.

Source: Hürriyet Daily News


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  1. I was with a young Turkish Cypriot man (18 yrs) and he wanted to go to the south side of the island. I took him to the border and he was asked to get out of the car. He then had to phone his parents and find out what their ID numbers were (who has to do this at a border – I never have). When he got the numbers he went back to the office and he was refused entry to the south of the island. I went to the office and asked why and I was told ‘he was born in the occupied territories’. this young man was born in Northern Cyprus and was refused entry to the south of the island – THAT IS DISGUSTING!!!!! I had to leave him at the border, so he asked if I could buy him a postcard so he could see what it looked like. The South is supposed to be an EU country how can they do that?????

    • Thank you Catherine, I have never heard, that Turkish Cypriots can´t go to the south side, I know only that Turkish mainlanders are denied. This is a mess in general. Greek Cypriots can come to the north unhindered!

  2. I can understand why he was refused entry. This I am sure will be seen as offensive to some but an 18 year old TC boy with a mature lady holding an EU passport. Seems totally innocent but this is how many young men from Middle East etc make their way to EU countries and then disappear, that is why caution was obviously taken by the immigration officers, not because he was TC.

      • How sick is that !!!!!!!!!!! The young 18 year old was with my HUSBAND and myself. I have worked with unemployed teenagers and adults for approx. 30+years YTS/Modern Apprenticeships/NVQs etc. This young man was born in Northern Cyprus to Turkish parents. He was a student who appealed for help with his English on a forum. As usual he got a lot of nasty comments on the forum so I offered to help him. He is now studying in Macedonia. He still lives at home with his parents when not at college. His English is so good that English people have commented when he ordered in a supermarket that he had very good Turkish (because they believed he is English) When we stopped at the border he was in the back of the car and they asked him to get out and for us to move on. We did, and he had to come to the car to ring his parents to get their ID numbers. Then he came back very upset stating that he had been refused. That is when I went to the office to ask why. I was astounded when I received the reply that he was ‘born in the occupied territories’.

      • How can that happen in an EU country.
        I have read a lot about the conflict and I can remember Archbishop Mikarios coming to the UK and spouting Violence. Being a Christian, I was surprised that a ‘Man of God’ could spout so much violence and hatred.
        What happened to this young man is totally wrong. That means that there is a 2 generations (born since 1974) of Turkish/Cypriots who cannot travel around the island of their birth.

  3. If he is studying in Macedonia I would assume he has an EU passport, TC passports are not often recognised.

    Did he show his EU passport or TC Kimlik card? Usually with Kimlik card the GC immigration record the number, an EU passport would get a wave through.

    • He showed his TC Kimlik card and they asked for the numbers of his parents Kimlik cards. Now he has a Turkish passport. He is very hurt by it. The did not even take the card. When my husband handed the passports and card over, they just looked at it and told him to get out of the car. they did not even look at the card until he went into the office.

  4. I go back to my original “sick” comments. The GC did not want to take the risk of a young man entering the EU via their immigration system and then for him to disappear. It is FACT that using innocent EU citizens is a mode of entry. The above may well be perfectly innocent day out but the EU is flooded with “illegal” foreigners.

    • His home is registered as Kyrenia/Girne, His parents live in Kyrenia/Girne. The were able to check that his parents were Turkish before they refused him. I also pointed out to them that he had already been accepted in a UK College which is also EU. Again he repeated – He was born in the occupied territories.

  5. I have since been informed that any Turkish people who came to TRNC since 1974 are classed as illegal immigrants because they did not go through the ‘Greek’ immigration to get here.
    So that would presume that he was born to Turkish parents since 1974, that he was born an illegal immigrant.

  6. Two points: Firstly, stupidity has no nationality. A Turkish national that comes to Cyprus via Larnaca cannot pass to the north on account that the RoC is not recognised by Turkey. Secondly, intervention by Turkey was legitimate as long as it restored constitutional order. Obviously, Turkey came for a different reason.