North Cyprus Car Clinic Catalkoy – Glyn’s Wheel Turning Tips – July 2014

Glyn’s Wheel Turning Tips

July 2014

From the Car Clinic in Çatalköy

By Mary Day

Be Aware! Keep Your Vehicle Safe, Dependable and

on the road longer


Check hoses & clips for damage

Check hoses

The key to summer driving is keeping the engine cool. The first thing you need to check are the hoses and belts. The hose connected to the radiator pump helps get coolant to and from the engine block, and the belts run the fan that helps cool the system further. If the hoses crack or the belts snap, the radiator will quickly overheat, leaving you stranded.

Check hoses for cracks, leaks and loose connections. Hoses should be firm, never soft and malleable. Hoses suffer from a slow deterioration process called electrochemical degradation (ECD) that eats away at rubber hose material from the inside. The most vulnerable parts of the hose are those nearest to clamps where the hose connects to the radiator or the engine.

Belts can also be visually checked for cracks and damage. Take note if the belt looks excessively slick or smooth. Remove the belt to make sure that the material hasn’t started separating into different layers. Experts say the risk of belt failure rises dramatically after 36,000 miles (57,936 kilometers)

Check the belts

Check the belts

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