The Dawn Vigil at Escape Beach

By Margaret Sheard

I remember two years ago when going to witness the Dawn Vigil, making my way along to Escape Beach unfortunately, in the dark, I tripped and broke 3 toes so I wasn’t actually able to be part of the event and could only watch it from a distance by the monument where I sat nursing my foot in a great deal of pain although, even at a distance, I could feel the emotion of the occasion.

This year I am determined to go and join in with this very emotional and poignant event to celebrate, with many others, in the early hours of the 20th July at Escape Beach – Peace and Freedom Day.

On the evening of the 19th July, there will be entertainment in the area, with many artists performing, before the more seriousTorches side of the event takes place at around 02.30am when candles and torches are lit at the beach area, it really is a wonderful sight to see.

During the 20th July, there will be many celebrations and parades all around North Cyprus and we can look forward to a display by the Turkish Stars Aerobatic Team around 6pm, over Kyrenia Harbour, which is always a spectacular performance.

For the Turkish Cypriots and the people who have chosen to make North Cyprus their home, this is a very special day.