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North Cyprus CESV train to be prepared

CESV train to be prepared

By Claire Lamb

A large part of CESV training revolves around being prepared to deal with any event as quickly and efficiently as possible.  The ability to act swiftly and safely in a crisis, no matter what the surroundings are, can save vital time when dealing with an accident of any sort.  With this in mind members of the 1 Guzelyurt training dayCESV set off for training events over 2 days.

Our first training event involved our members training other professionals in 1st aid skills.  The final day of training for the forest firemen was held in Guzelyurt on Sunday.  Despite the intense heat several of our members met up with the forest firemen at their base in Guzelyurt to ensure their training is kept up to date.  The main topics covered were CPR, dealing with an unconscious patient and broken bones.  The subject of stings and snakebites were also covered as they are relevant to everyone at this time of year.  The training went well, with all the men listening to our translators and learning how to deal with various casualties while also having a chance to do “hands on” training.  They are now prepared for many events they may encounter in their day to day work and of course these skills can be used within their own families and communities.

Monday saw the CESV members in a very different situation for their second training session.  Girne Belediyesi very 22 Just look at what could happenkindly allowed us to use the amphitheatre for a 1st aid training session in preparation for the concerts that will take place there throughout the summer months.  There were 4 different scenarios covering accidents or incidents that can occur wherever large crowds gather.  Realistic wounds and injuries were applied by the CESV make up team to make each incident more authentic – we also have some great actors and actresses in the CESV team!  Each of the injured parties were dealt with efficiently and safely with discussion afterwards to see if we could improve our performance.  This training session also gave us the opportunity to work out the best way to remove a casualty to a safe area for further treatment or to await an ambulance should it be required.  It would be impossible to cover every eventuality but our team are now ready to spring into action if the need arises with the next big event taking place on Saturday 12th July.  Here’s hoping it is an uneventful night for our members BUT if an incident does occur we know we are prepared!

If you would like to see more of the pictures from training events, follow the work of the CESV team or to find out contact details please check out the website by clicking here or if you use Facebook you will find our group by clicking here 

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