North Cyprus – TRNC News Today 9th July 2014 – Nami: Greek Cypriots afraid of recognition of North Cyprus

TRNC News Today 9th July 2014

Foreign Minister Nami met with Fule

Minister of Foreign Affairs – Özdil Nami met with the EU Commissioner Responsible for Enlargement and Neighbouring Policy – Stefan Fule Ozdil Namiduring his contacts in Brussels. Making a statement to the press following the meeting, Nami said that they discussed the future of Cyprus negotiations and how to overcome the obstacles put forth by the Greek Cypriot side for the EU projects in the TRNC.

Adding that they made efforts for the TRNC’s being ready for EU membership as soon as a comprehensive solution could be reached, Stefan FuleNami said that the Greek Cypriot side’s attitude that obstructs the EU projects in the TRNC is a ‘backward attitude and does not serve to a comprehensive solution’. Nami also said that the Greek Cypriot side makes intense pressure on the EU Commission to prevent the projects which will prepare the TRNC for EU membership.

Moreover, Nami stressed that the Turkish side has been reiterating for a long time that the negotiations cannot continue as open-ended forever and said that the Greek Cypriots are afraid of the recognition of North Cyprus. Nami also said that the EU should be more courageous and the EU member countries should support the EU Commission.

During his contacts in Brussels, FM Nami also met the President of the Party of European Socialists (PES) – Sergei Stanishev. In the meeting, Nami gave information about the latest stage reached at the Cyprus negotiations and conveyed his views about what to do in order to reach a solution in Cyprus.

Özersay: “If I do not see hope for negotiations, I will leave my office”

Turkish Cypriot negotiator – Kudret Özersay said that if he doKudret Özersay 3es not see a hope for the negotiation process, he will leave his office.

Adding that in spite of everything, he has a little hope for the negotiation process, Özersay said that the issue will become clearer in the next months.  Adding that the United Nations can appoint a new advisor, Özersay pointed out the importance of increasing the UN’s role in the negotiation process.

Moreover, expressing that if the Greek Cypriot side is also willing for a solution, then the Cyprus problem can be solved, Özersay said that at the moment the negotiations do not continue in a result orientated manner as the Turkish Cypriot side wishes.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office


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  1. Kudret Özersay Bey.

    Do not give in. Consider your tactics and submissions critically. Third party skilled negotiators who report back and are intense in their approach to insisting the other side fully justify their motives for specific submissions; are better than negotiators who have a beneficial interest.

    We are not all skillful at everything. Recognise this and take steps and have the humility to admit the limitations of your job. Your focus is and should continue to be the well being and interest of the KKTC voting population as well as those people who are living here as foreign residents.

    The past cannot be changed but can be recognised and steps taken to ensure there can be no re-occurrence of past events, unfair and unjust dominance.

    If anyone walks away from the table, let ıt not be Turkısh Cypriots!!! Raise the issue of deadlines and insist that the negotiatıons are NOT thinly reported upon by the Press Office. NOT JUST NEGATIVE SOUND BITES. The people need to know they are being skillfully and honestly represented by politicians wıthout self interest.

    Iyi çanslar and I wish you well.