January 30, 2023

For they are Jolly Good Fellows

the Kemal Saraçoĝlu Foundation

By Mary Day

Maureen & Peter Fellows
Maureen & Peter Fellows

For those of us that frequently visit the local markets held at Chateau Lambousa on Saturday’s, Lemar on Wednesday’s and Soyz Bar on Sunday’s each week we know Peter and Maureen Fellows very well as amazing fund raiser’s.

Saturday 21st June at Chateau Lambousa Peter and Maureen held their last market stall as Maureen will be going into hospital on July 23rd for a much needed hip operation and after a very emotional farewell at Lambousa Market I would think also a long earned rest, Maureen said “I will miss everyone, they have now become good friends and I would welcome visitors whilst I am less mobile from having my operation.” Maureen & Peter have jointly raised a colossal total of 71,764 TL for The Kemal Saraçoĝlu Foundation For Children With Leukaemia And The Fight Against Cancer.

Maureen & Peter started selling cards to raise funds after being introduced to the charity in March 2010 and from that point life changed for them and more so for the the Kemal Saraçoĝlu Foundation. Maureen and Peter’s dedication and hard work has helped make a difference to many children’s lives across North Cyprus which is greatly appreciated by all, Maureen was also made an Honorary Member of the Board of the Kemal Saraçoĝlu Foundation.

I have seen both Maureen and Peter many times at the markets come rain or shine and the dedication that they have both shown is something that they can only be strongly admired for, up all hours baking those wonderful sausage rolls that I must say I will miss but my waistline will not.

With Peter loading and unloading the combination of team work and effort has shown with the grand total of 71,764 TL that they have raised, Maureen said “I would like to thank everyone that has supported us over the past four years, those that have made purchases along with those that have donated goods all of which have made it all possible.” Maureen and Peter have donated all remaining unsold items to The North Cyprus Turkish Red Crescent Society.

Saturday was a very emotional day for Maureen with regular customers bringing gifts and saying goodbye, Ian Charles Long (market Manager) has said, “I have enjoyed the time that both Maureen and Peter have been on the market with us and will miss them, they will always be welcome should they choose to return and I will always keep a stall for them.”

Maureen has in the past said, “I feel as though I have planted an acorn and an oak tree is now growing.”

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow

Well I have news for you Maureen “that Acorn is now a wonderful Oak tree that has grown very well with the contribution that both yourself and Peter have made.”

There is one very sad note to add to this article one of which I am very saddened by as I am sure many others will be, whilst at Lambousa Market during the month of January this year Maureen lost a watch one which was of great sentimental value to her, the watch had been given to Maureen by her mother shortly before she sadly died. Maureen said “ I do not know why I wore the watch that day it was so silly of me, I would normally only wear it on special occasions. The watch is the only thing of sentimental value that I have left of her I deeply regret wearing it now.”

Maureen wearing her Mothers watch
Maureen wearing her Mothers watch

The gold watch made by Omega does have a registration number on it and Maureen is offering a reward for its return.
I would like to think that it may have fallen into or that it had possibly been caught up on an item of clothing that she had placed into a bag as Maureen was packing items purchased from her stall or it could have fallen onto another stall holders table and sold by mistake, if so then there is every possibility that someone has it but may not realise where it has come from and would like to return it to the heartbroken owner, an owner that has given so much to others surely deserves the joy and happiness of being reunited with a treasured keepsake.
If you have any information regarding Maureen’s watch please contact: http://www.cyprusscene.com
Or contact me personally on: 0533 865 1706 or maryday@hotmail.com
We will of course respect your privacy should you prefer to remain anonymous.


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2 thoughts on “Kemal Saraçoĝlu Foundation – Maureen and Peter Fellows retire

  1. Mary this artical is simply the best ending to the last 4years very hard work. I will miss the company of so many lovely people who have been so, so generous and kind making it possible for me to raise this huge amount of money for the Kemal Saracoglu Foundation.

    What a lucky day it was for me when you turned up out of the blue on my Last Wednesday Market and wrote such a wonderful articale and the loverly photos including the Oak Tree, for us and for KSF.

    The whole 4 years have been well worth while. To beable to make a differance to so many Childrens lives. It has made me feel that i have really achieved something in my life, so now i will enjoy my garden and relax.

    Mary you put the icing on the cake for the way you ended it for us.

    Thanks again Maureen. xx

    1. Thank you for your comment & such kind words Maureen. Although I think it is little in return for the wonderful things you have achieved for KSF. So glad that I was able to contribute in some way.
      Thank you

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