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TRNC News Today 16th June 2014

Özdil Nami: “Turkish Cypriots are a part of Europe”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs – Özdil Nami made a statement during the “Street Festival” which was organized for the first time in Lefkosa, Ozdil Nami image 3Dereboyu on Saturday due to the establishment anniversary of the European Union and said that Turkish Cypriots are a part of Europe and should not be forgotten by Europeans.

Foreign Minister Nami added that Turkish Cypriots should not live under isolations and should be integrated with the EU because this is the right of the Turkish Cypriots.

Moreover, expressing that more than 70 laws and regulations have been passed by the TRNC Assembly within the framework of harmonization with the EU Acquis, FM Nami said: “As long as the laws are not supported by projects, it does not make sense. Therefore our works on projects and laws will increasingly continue in the following period.”

Minister of Foreign Affairs Nami is going to attend 41st Session of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers Meeting

 Minister of Foreign Affairs Özdil Nami is going to Saudi Arabia tomorrow in order to attend the 41st Session of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers Meeting which will be organized in Jeddah city of Saudi Arabia and to have bilateral meetings.

FM Nami will leave the island at 16:20 tomorrow (17th June). General Director of the Foreign Affairs Office, Kemal Köprülü and the 3rd Secretary Yasa Yeşilada will accompany Foreign Minister Nami during his contacts in Jeddah.

FM Nami and his delegation will return to the country on 19 June, Thursday night.

Özersay: “We should be visible all over the world and hold diplomatic contacts”

Turkish Cypriot negotiator – Kudret Özersay has gone to Stockholm in order to have high level contacts in the Swedish Kudret Özersay 3Foreign Ministry.

Özersay and his accompanying delegation will discuss with the Swedish authorities the views of the Turkish Cypriots, the stage reached at the negotiations and how different international actors can contribute to the negotiation process. Making a short statement to Turkish News Agency-Cyprus (TAK), Özersay said “If we want our voice to be heard and our vision to be taken into consideration, we should be visible all over the world and explain our views by holding diplomatic contacts. We will increasingly continue our diplomatic contacts because we want Turkish Cypriots’ voice to be heard that’s why we are spending efforts.  The Sweden visit is a part of our diplomatic contacts”.

Özersay: “Greek Cypriot side behaves shyly related to the give-and-take process”

Turkish Cypriot negotiator Kudret Özersay indicated that Greek Cypriot side behaves shyly related to the give-and-take process.

Özersay said that at the meeting with the Greek Cypriot negotiator – Andreas Mavroyannis and Kudret Özersay imageAndreas Mavroyannis the Greek Cypriot side brought new proposals for the issues on which convergences were reached before and recorded that this approach meant delaying the negotiations.

Stressing that the Greek Cypriot side has been continuing to bring new proposals which don’t take the previous convergences into consideration Özersay said: “Nuisance created by the Greek side related to the past convergences is continuing.”  Özersay added that the Turkish side has put forward its reaction about this issue and made a call to the UN to take the necessary steps.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office


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