September 28, 2022

Lineage Tracking”

documentary presented to the


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The “Lineage Tracking” documentary, which was prepared by Girne American University (GAU) Cultural Heritage Management Centre for the university’s 30th year, was presented to the press in the Arabahmet Presentation at Arabahmet Culture HouseCulture and Art House on Thursday 12th June 2014.

The presentation was attended by the President of the Cyprus Foundation Administration – Rauf Ersenal, GAU Founding Rector and Chancellor of the Board of Administrators – Serhat Akpınar, GAU CEO and Vice Chancellor of the Board of Administrators – Assist. Prof. Dr. Asım Vehbi, Vice Chancellor of the Board of Administrators – Olgun Üstün, Vice Chancellor of the Board of Administrators – Cemil Esenyel, Rector – Prof. Dr. Yıldırım Öner, Director and Scriptwriter of the project – Ferhat Atik, academicians and members of the press.

The income from the “Lineage Tracking” documentary DVDs, which have been prepared for the protection of the cultural heritage of Cyprus and will carry Cyprus from the past to the present, will be donated to the Cyprus Children’s Foundation.

Üstün: “The documentary represents the Ottoman Cultural Heritage

Vice Chancellor of the GAU Board – Olgun Üstün Olgun Ustun gives a talkstated in his speech that the GAU Cultural Heritage Centre made ​​an arrangement with Ferhat Atik for the project, which represents the Ottoman cultural heritage, within the scope of the university’s 30th year and that is how the documentary came to life.

Üstün, who expressed that the Ottomans stayed on the island for 307 years and created many cultural monuments, stated that “There are 298 Ottoman culture structures on the island. We were able to reflect 30 of them in the documentary which has been prepared for the 30th year of GAU. This one is only the first, there will be others”. Üstün also stated that there are heritage monuments that have left traces in the documentary from other districts.

Üstün noted that the heritage of other civilizations in Cyprus will be discussed and stated that “This is just a beginning”.

Atik: “Value granted to Monuments”

Ferhat Atik, Director and Scriptwriter of the Project stated in his speech that- “The Ottoman traces are not only in buildings and monuments but also in our bloodlines”

Atik, who pointed out that it is important to transfer history to the future through documentaries by using today’s technology, emphasized that in this way it is shown that the monuments aren’t abandoned and that their values are increased.

Atik stated that human life on the island is based on 11 thousand years ago and noted that there were many different cultures.

After the speeches Ferhat Atik was presented with a plaque by GAU Founding Rector and Chancellor of the Board of Administrators – Serhat Akpınar. Following the presentation, 2 trailers of the documentary were shown.

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