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TRNC News Today 12th May 2014


President Eroğlu : “We cannot disregard the developments after 1974”

President Derviş Eroğlu said that the developments after 1974 cannot Dervis Eroglu 9be disregarded and added that the Greek Cypriot leader should evaluate the past 40 years before coming to the negotiations.

Eroglu said: “Our people are settled, rooted or built new houses. If you disregard these and say that you want everything you lost in 1974 then you are too late. Why didn’t you make an agreement in 1974?. Why was the ‘Denktaş – Makarios agreement’ put on the shelf in 1977?”.

Özersay : “Maras is not a confidence building measure”

Indicating that the closed region of Maras is not a confidence building measure, Turkish Cypriot negotiator Kudret Özersay said that Maras will be discussed under the chapter of ‘Territory’ at the negotiations. Özersay also added that the Greek Cypriot side should forgKudret Özersay 2et about the map in the Annan Plan.

In an interview published by the Greek Cypriot newspaper Katimerini, Özersay indicated that if the present opportunity for the solution of the Cyprus problem is missed the International factor can take part in the process under different conditions. Özersay warned that the Greek Cypriot side should understand the importance of this danger.

Stressing that the Annan Plan does not exist any more and the new solution will be based on a new plan and new map Özersay said that positive contribution of the natural gas issue to the negotiations is out of question because the Greek Cypriot side has been taking decisions in this issue without consulting the Turkish Cypriot side.

Koenig: “You should trust in Turkey”

US Ambassador to South Cyprus – John Koenig gave a message to Greek Cypriot people and said: “You should trust in Turkey”.

Under the headline “You should trust in Turkey”, Greek Cypriot daily John KoenigFileleftheros asked a question to Koenig “Do you believe that Turkey wishes a solution of Cyprus problem?” and Koenig answered “Yes, I believe that Turkey wishes a solution in Cyprus. Turkey’s interest in the Cyprus problem is seen from her support given to the negotiation process. Turkey is showing high interest. This interest is not only shown to me during my contacts with the Turkish authorities but Prime Minister Erdoğan also shows this interest to the US President Obama, and Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu shows the same interest to John Kerry.

Koenig was reminded that the US increased her interest in the Cyprus problem and was asked if this interest is due to the US wishing solution of the Cyprus problem or due to the US interests in the region.  Koenig answered “We are strengthening our interests in the region by helping  the solution of the Cyprus problem”.

Religious ceremony at the Armenian Church in Arabahmet

A religious ceremony has been held at the Armenian Church in the Arabahmet region of Lefkoşa after 50 years. Besides over 500 Armenian origin persons living in South and North Cyprus, the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative to Cyprus – Lisa Buttenheim, imam of Hala Sultan Lodge and South Cyprus Representative of the Religious Affairs Presidency – Şakir Alemdar and representatives of some foreign missions also attended the ritual led by Archbishop Varoujan Hergelian.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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