February 6, 2023

Sharing your Memories

with cypruscene.com

By Chris Elliott

Since July 2012 when it was launched, cyprusscene.com has been growing with Margaret Sheard and I writing many articles on different subjects and during this time we have developed a very keen interest in people and their lives and experiences.

Since those early days more writers and contributors have been sharing their newsMargaret and Sermen and experiences with us and very often from our community sharing partners’ websites and forum which is marvellous because the news of people and their activities is being shared far and wide in many mediums and not limited to a few local media outlets.

The benefit of this has been that we have attracted so many worldwide readers and some of them have been sharing their memories of Cyprus or seeking past friends through the articles we are publishing. We are finding these reunions are beginning to take place with even more memories being shared.

To enhance the readings and enjoyment of our articles we have created a Portfolio where there is an increasing number of Project pages where common themed articles are being shown together with a quick link to the complete article. This feature will enable our readers to see many articles together which have the same theme.

We hope that this feature will encourage more people to use our website to seek out their Cypriot friends of the past and to save those memories of the past for the generations of the future.

Please have a look at some of these Projects below which like all of our Projects are being constantly updated with more showcase article links as they are published.


Cyprus – More Childhood Memories click here

Cyprus childhood Memories in the British Governor’s House – 1957-1962 click here

Cyprus Village Life click here

Newman’s Farm, Kyrenia click here

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  1. Congratulations everyone at Cyprusscene, doing a fabulous job.

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