North Cyprus – Newman’s Farm – Remembered

 Newman’s Farm – Remembered

By Margaret Sheard

I have written quite a few articles about Newman’s Farm (which sadly no longer exists) which was thriving in the 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s, and also recently published the memoirs of Evelyn Newman who, with her husband Philip, bought the land in 1922 and created their dream home and farm in Cyprus.

I had hoped that there would be many who would remember the farm and the milk shakes, cream teas etc. which became very well known Cowsand would be able to supply further information and possibly photographs but unfortunately there have only been a few who have made contact and basically they just recall how nice it was to visit the farm.  Of course during those early years not a lot of people owned cameras either.

So I was delighted to recently receive a comment from Paul Hencher who remembers the farm as a small boy when he came to Cyprus with his father, mother and sister and lived fairly close to Newman’s Farm.  I am showing Paul’s comments below and better still the photographs he has supplied.

Comment 1.

“Hello. My name is Paul Hencher. I lived with my parents and sister at the end of Snake Island Lane, the turning for which was near Newman’s Farm, where we would quite often go for cold drinks (our favourite being the milk shakes made with milk from their herd of Jersey cows.) My sister, Christine, and I attended the Army Children’s School during our time there, i.e. 1956 – 1959.”

Comment 2.

“I trust life is good in Northern Cyprus.  I spent three magical years there as a child (despite the EOKA campaign, which my father was helping to combat.)

My wife Maggie and I spent an enjoyable holiday based in Karaman in 1995 (or ’96) re-visiting St Hilarion Castle, Bellapais Abbey and other wonderful places, but I was unable to see our old home as it was within a Turkish army camp and security was very tight.

My two photos are at Philip Newman’s farm, which was such a delightful place.  They’re not brilliant photographs, but I was only 8 at the time, and I don’t think the camera was very sophisticated!   In Christineone of the pictures my sister is making the acquaintance of one of Mr. Newman’s cows.

I don’t remember where the school was, but you may be amused to see the attached copy of a letter from my teacher to my mother (see below).  I like the typical British phlegmatic phrase  “I fully understand present shopping difficulties.”  Only us Brits could see a terrorist campaign as an inconvenience!! “

I am so pleased to have received this information from Paul and still feel there are more people out there with memories of Newman’s Farm in those halcyon days before the foolishness took over.

Like many British people who decided to retire to a “place in the sun”, Paul and his wife chose to retire to Italy where they have a good life in a nice country.

We would welcome any memories people have of Newman’s Farm and more importantly any old photographs.   The present day family in the UK and Australia would also be very interested in any further information which can be gathered.  Please add your information in the box below the following picture.

Letter 1