Bravo, North Cyprus!

A place worth living!

By Ralph Kratzer

Since my youth, I had the dream of emigrating. I do not know exactly why. Was it to do with the bad weather in Germany or had it to do with the people there?

But of course, this was for a long time just wishful thinking…

After my long years of military service and the subsequent studies, I took a longer break in my mid-30s and lived for a time, inter alia, on the tiny little Canary Island of La Gomera, in those days a so-called “dropouts paradise“.  It was a wonderful time-out in a beautiful unspoilt natural place. But after having been there a time, I knew every tree, every bush, every stone… there really wasn´t much going on there!

La Gomera
La Gomera

So I deleted La Gomera from my wish list and went back to Germany to start earning money.

I travelled to several islands in the following years, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Croatian, Irish and Greek ones. All of them were  kind of nice, but none of them had this special mix of nature, moderate climate, culture, tranquility, vitality and friendliness I was looking for.

In the end I came, through a twist of fate, to Northern Cyprus, fell in love with the country and stayed!

I have not looked back since! Because here I have found friends, I have peace when I feel like it and I can easily change my everyday life when I need to.

Again and again we report on our websites about events of various kinds, such as  classical concerts, exhibitions, rock concerts, organized walks, fundraising events, etc etc… and not least of motorcycle events which are particularly close to my heart.

Biker festival in Güzelyurt

A short time ago I reported about a biker meeting in Nicosia. Last Sunday again was a big meeting in Güzelyurt, this time perfectly organized by the bikers club “Mouflon Riders“ and held in the beautiful public park of the city. A really great event!

All cities, towns and villages, all clubs and associations of this little part of the island with less than 300,000 inhabitants pull together to make life here more worth living!

Cyprus map_1


This togetherness lets the Turkish Cypriot people and the foreign residents as well forget the decades of embargoes and political isolation! Bravo, North Cyprus! I’m happy to live here!

It is time for the rest of the world to take an intensive look at Northern Cyprus, we deserve it!

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