Nigel Watson RIP

A guiding light that continues to shine

By Chris Elliott

On Sunday 30th March 2014 I logged into North Cyprus Forum to post in and share from some articles and when I checked the recent threads that had been posted I was shocked to the core to learn that my friend and founder of NCF had passed away at his home a few hours earlier.

On Monday we experienced a major power cut for most of the day and I was unable to write or communicate in any way on the internet and this gave me plenty of time to think about how Nigel and I became friends and what I discovered of this very caring man.

I recall that when we published an article on, Nigel liked this and placed it on his Forum as well as posting links into a number of Facebook pages. I made contact Nigel Watsonwith him and after communication for some while he invited me to his home to talk about those things we both cared about and published on our respective media pages.

I discovered that Nigel had set up the very popular website in 2008 without having any computer experience prior to coming to the TRNC. Despite suffering a stroke in 2010, Nigel continued to develop and expand the website to provide information, news and encouragement to people living or interested in the TRNC. Nigel was a very passionate person who cared greatly for people and causes and did his utmost to focus on the need for help and support which he publicized on NCF in the hope that many readers would become motivated and help and support the respective cause.

Nigel was without doubt one of the most active and positive users of the social media in North Cyprus and assisted in the running as well as contributing to a number of groups including Stop The Blackmail in North Cyprus.

So what was the outcome of our meeting? Well Nigel proposed that we should “SHARE” news between our respective pages so that the news would reach as many people as possible around the world. So visionary and successful was this suggestion that we soon formed a North Cyprus Forumcommunity sharing news group that also included The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR) and Esentepe Community and also recently we established contact with Kuzey a German website that is so full of news and fascinating pictures of North Cyprus.

Since those early days we have continued with Nigel’s dream of sharing news and reviews for the benefit of the people of North Cyprus and although it may not have been shared in great quantity, in the discussions we all had it was apparent that all of our community websites had seen a dramatic increase in readership. News is for everybody and Nigel told me that on occasions he saw articles appearing on other media that gave no credit to the source which made him very unhappy.

Some weeks ago I visited him at his home a few days after he returned from hospital after his second stroke and was so delighted to see that special sparkle in his eye that said he was determined to overcome his latest health problem which he proceeded to do but now sadly he has left us.

Nigel had lit the guiding light which we will all use and it will not be extinguished and by doing this let us pray that we will help create a more positive world for people to live. In closing my obituary to Nigel Watson I offer my sincere condolences to his wife Pat and their family and having experienced a similar tragic loss a few years ago I say to you be proud of Nigel and all that he stood for, he was a very good man.

Thank you Nigel, your friendship is treasured and your work will continue. Rest in Peace.

Note: Judy Haywood has posted the following on Facebook for those that wish to pay their final respects to Nigel Watson.

Funeral arrangements for Nigel Watson.

Nigel’s wife Pat has asked me to post in regards to Nigel’s funeral.

He will be laid to rest at Lapta Cemetery on Monday 7th April at 11am.

No flowers please but donations on the day for funeral expenses would be much appreciated.


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