January 30, 2023

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR)


TFR member is committed to the

environment of Northern Cyprus

By Ralph Kratzer

Doris_3It is a long known evil on our beautiful island of Cyprus, that the environment is deliberately contaminated.

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Our member Doris from Esentepe did not want to stand idly by and, on her daily walks with her dog Trude over the last winter during the hunting season, she collected empty shotgun cartridges and other trash left by the hunters such as beverage cans and bottles, plastic cups, plastic bags and other waste in the immediate vicinity of her home.

It actually came to two large garbage bags just with empty shotgun cartridges! I estimated the number at about 1000 pods. If we extrapolate this on the entire island of Cyprus (because also in the southern part of the island it is not different!) several truckloads of them come together every year…

The filled garbage bags she and her husband Malcolm actually handed over a few days ago to the Mayor of Esentepe, Güney Takatuka, in front of the building of the municipality with a request to become more engaged in environmental protection.

The mayor was visibly affected and stressed that hunters should normally pick up their empty cartridges and dispose of them to be environmentally friendly, but no one would consider it…

If more residents of Northern Cyprus would actively promote environmental protection like our members Doris and Malcolm, our beloved island could be even more attractive one day for us citizens and the many tourists who visit us year after year!

By the way, Doris was as well aware of empty motor oil cans and puddles of old oil in the area, there are actually people who do the oil exchange on their car in the countryside! How good for the environment and our drinking water! And then we wonder why more and more people fall seriously ill!

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