December 9, 2022

The “Smarties” children were very Smart

By Margaret Sheard

The recent Smarties campaign organised by Carole King and Sue Tilt Tulips logo englishfor Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips) was a huge success.

The children and their respective schools did an amazing job of raising funds for Tulips and overall a massive 26,400.20 TL was raised.  Carole and Sue are delighted with the result and below is their report on the campaign.

As you know we held a Smarties event recently at schools in Girne and Lefkosa. The aim was to give all the children a full carton of Smarties, which they could empty at their leisure!, then we asked them to bring the Smarties tube back 2 weeks later, filled with 50 kurus coins! Obviously not everyone would fill the tubes but at Tulips/Help Those with Cancer Association we believe that everySmarties kurus counts. For those pupils who did bring back a full tube (holding  27TL in 50 kurus coins), they were entered into a prize draw at each school and 3 children each received a lovely prize.

These prizes were provided by BestSeller Bookshops in Karakum and Alsancak, Deniz Plaza, King’s Bowling Alley, Leman Restaurant, The Cacao, Pizza Pizza, Domino Pizza and Berkin Spor. We would like to thank all these sponsors for their very kind support.

There were some children who showed exceptional initiative, for example, one child went out and bought an extremely large Smarties tube and brought that in full up – we found a special prize for them.

We have now collected the total amount of money from each school and the final results from the schools are as follows:

ESK Secondary School           2,380.30 TL
GAU                                         4,812.50 TL
Necat British College               2,424.70 TL
NEU Elementary School          5,184.65 TL
NEU College                            4,560.60 TL
Levent Elementary School       2,766.50 TL
Levent College                         1,724.60 TL
TED                                          2,546.35 TL
Grand Total 26,400.20 TL

A huge thank you to all the students and teachers who took part in this event and a massive pat on the back for their generous support for Tulips/Help Those with Cancer Association.

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