December 2, 2022

North Cyprus – BRS poll

AGM email voting


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We need your advice please.

Over the past year BRS membership has increased at a record rate, and we have recently worked hard to improve our communication with members. We now have regular email Computer typingcontact with the majority of members.

We are now preparing for the 2014 AGM and BRS committee elections. The AGM will be at 11am on April 12th at the Dome Hotel, Girne. Unfortunately a lot of our members aren’t in North Cyprus at the moment because of other important commitments, including the start of some school holidays in the UK.

The current committee feel strongly that every member has the right to vote in any BRS election. This is purely an opinion poll.

At the moment voting is restricted to members who attend an AGM, or who have a nominated proxy attending the AGM who can vote on their behalf.

We would like your opinion on extending the “right to vote” on BRS issues to all members by email voting?

If you think the “right to vote” should be extended to all members in this way, click here

If you think the “right to vote” should not extended to all members in this way, click here

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2 thoughts on “North Cyprus – BRS poll AGM email voting

  1. I am not a member of BRS so not sure if I can vote on this poll. However I would be highly sceptical of any membership vote by e-mail as it is open to abuse. I know the membership is relatively small and any abuse should be minimal but the threat is there.

    Postal ballots for national elections were thought to be the way forward but audit after the last UK election showed a large number of ballot papers were not correctly dealt with for a variety of reasons.

    I can understand where the BRS committee are coming from but if they take this route I can see even more hassle.

    1. Hello David, many thanks for your comments and no doubt BRS a taking the question of how to run a poll by email with a great deal of care and attention. Why not check out their website where you will find they are posting lots of information.

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