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TRNC News Today 10th March 2014


President Derviş Eroğlu has stressed that Turkey’s full and effective guarantee will continue even after a Dervis Eroglu 4solution.

President Eroğlu has answered the questions of the political journal ‘Crash’ published in Greece.

Publishing the news under the headline ‘Turkish Army Shall Stay in Cyprus’ the journal underlined Eroğlu’s statements as: “Turkey’s full and effective guarantee is non-negotiable for us.”


The Minister of Foreign Affairs Özdil Nami stated that the government is closely following the developments regarding the Cyprus problem and everyone has responsibility for the solution of the Cyprus problem.

Within the framework of his contact meetings aimed at informing non-governmental organizations and taking their opinions on the issue of the Cyprus negotiation process, FM Nami paid a visit to the authorities of the Federation of Revolutionary Trade Unions (Dev-İş).

During the meeting, Nami said that non-governmental organizations, unions and employers’ organizations should also contribute to the negotiation process. This is a communal struggle that’s why everyone’s view should be reflected on the negotiation table and the position of the Turkish Cypriot side should be formed within this framework. Indicating that the organizations Ozdil Nami 2should have reliable information. Nami added that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is trying to do everything to fulfill its responsibilities in this issue.

Moreover, referring to the joint statement which caused resumption of negotiations aimed to find a solution for the Cyprus problem, Nami said: “I am very pleased for the strong support given by the people for the joint statement. Great efforts have been spent for making the joint statement to be adopted. It is a substantial gain for us to see that the joint statement is being adopted. This strengthens the hand of the Turkish Cypriot side at the negotiation table’.

Indicating that joint activities of the Turkish and Greek Cypriot organizations have increased, Nami said: “the joint statements made towards a solution are extremely important. I think that this gives a very meaningful message to the leaders.  The leaders should take this into consideration.”

Dev-İş President Mehmet Seyis said that he believes that the process of the Cyprus solution will speed up therefore the visit of the Foreign Minister is very important.

Stressing that Dev-İş has been spending efforts for a bi-zonal, bi-communal federal structure in Cyprus and the greatest trade unions in South Cyprus have made statements to express their commitments for a solution, Seyis said: “Dev-İş will support a solution in Cyprus as it has done before. The solution should be a federal Cyprus based on single sovereignty, single international identity and bi-zonality. We confirm our commitment to this.”     


Foreign Minister Özdil Nami went to USA in order to have high level contacts in Washington and New York yesterday (9th March 2014).

In a statement he made at Ercan Airport, Nami said that they will have various high level contacts primarily with the US State Department authorities and he added that this visit to which they attach high importance will have positive effects on the continuing negotiation process.

In his statement, Nami said “Our main subject is the new negotiation process and the possible developments. We will discuss the possible effects of the developments in the region around the island on the negotiation process. We will share our opinions with our collocutors in order to develop the mutual relations from now on. We will take their opinions as well. We attach great importance to this visit. We consider that our visit will have positive effects on the negotiation process. Turkish Cypriots’ just position should be known, comprehended and well evaluated by the international arena. This is extremely important for us”.

Pointing out that we have entered into a very important process, FM Nami said that fast developments were expected and we should be ready for the possible developments.

Moreover, Nami added “we consider that making good evaluations and impressions will be important to build the further steps.”

Nami and his accompanying delegation will return to the TRNC on March 16th, Sunday.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office.




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