December 10, 2022

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Walking with the Knight Templar for Tulips

By Chris Elliott

Saturday the 1st of March arrived and it was a bright sunny day  when I made my way down to Kyrenia Castle to meet with the Knight Templar or “KT” as he is now known together with the committee members for the Esentepe Fun, Run  and Ramble 2014 for a walk around the town andKnight Templar with his helpers beyond to raise donations to support the work of Help Those With Cancer Association (Tulips).

Meeting with old pals from the media we all gathered at the ticket office of the castle to begin the walk with our knightly friend and his retainers and we met folk who wanted to have their pictures taken with our friends and make donations to such a worthy cause.

It was a bracing stroll along the harbour wall bathing in the warm glow of the sun which attracted many a curious glance whilst the cameras clicked and whirred. I asked KT if he had a suit of chain mail which he said he had and it weighs 90lb but he had never worn it for longer than 1 hour.

I mentioned to him the very heavy packs worn by the British Royal Marines when they yomped across the Falklands in 3 days and he said their weight was largely on their shoulders so it was harder to carry whereas the weight of a suit of chainmail was distributed across a larger part of the body and was easier to carry but for 3 days…………..

Soon we were walking up into the town meeting many people and some shop owners who wanted to join in the 41The Knight Templar with a fanfun and have pictures taken and the donations were starting to build up and then we turned off the High Street and walked down towards the Dome Hotel meeting many people on the way including a family with a little girl we had met at the castle ticket office so there were more pictures taken including our knight kneeling for this little lady.

Back up towards the town we stopped outside the preserved Lords Residence building which not many people are aware of and then into the Old Kyrenia Round Tower to meet Linda Smith the proprietor of this splendid ancient building which contains so many fascinating pieces of cultural and artistic beauty which are for sale.

By now the walk was partly done and we were all glad to take a seat at George’s Bar for refreshment and snacks and to our surprise, KT seemed to be a very elderly man when he removed his helmet!! Reflecting on the progress so far Art Watson, the Chairman of the organising group, said he was delighted at the reaction and support peopl47 Knight Templar takes it easye were giving and pointed out the need for ongoing donations as Help Those With Cancer Association (Tulips) were now supporting 1,500 cancer suffers with help with their medicines and counselling which was costing around 108,000TL a month and increasing as more sufferers seek help from Tulips.”

Soon our merry band followed our 6ft 3″ tall KT back out into the town to try to raise some more donations and I sat quietly and reflected on their efforts and those of so many others, to support Tulips and would like to remind our readers that are users of Telsim or Turkcell mobile phones  that they can make a contribution by sending a blank text to 4171 and a donation of 5TL will be taken from their account and then a donation will then be paid to Tulips.

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