December 6, 2022

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Review of 2013 – Part 3

 By Engin Dervişağa

This is the third and last part of my review of 2013 and shows some more of the interesting people I had the pleasure of meeting throughout the year.

Steve Templeman and Bidi McIntyre – I met Steve and Bidi at their exhibition which was being held at the Girne Public Library.   I spoke to Bidi who said after travelling extensively around the world the decision was made to settle in Cyprus and build a studio.   She likes to concentrate on the North Cyprus landscape foBidi McIntyre speaks to Enginr inspiration which comes from rock formations, trees, ruins etc.   Bidi said that the plates she uses normally only have a run of about 40 prints to ensure perfect reproduction.   I then had a chat with Steve and he told me that he mainly focuses what takes his eye, especially with colours, and he takes photographs from which he then produces paintings.  He said a painting can take up to 60 hours and the mosaics about 120 hours to complete.

Katerina Shavruk – I visited the premises of Cypriada magazine where Kate is the Editor of this 2-monthly publication which is in Russian and English.  Kate is from Belarus and had difficulty in being able to study as a Graphic Designer so looked further afield and chose to attend GAU to study for a career in this field.   I asked about the content of the magazine and how the choice of articles is made and Kate told me that the aim is to write about North Cyprus and try to include interesting articles which will appeal to not only people living here but also to tourists and newcomers.

Dawn Bűyűkertaş –  During this interview I was treated to some songs from Dawn and she told me about her decision to come and live in North Cyprus where she had first visited on holiday.  Her life was very busy, not only 9am-5pm but also Batuhan Piatti talks to Engin Dervisagasinging most evenings as well and she felt it was time to have a more relaxed lifestyle.   Dawn still keeps busy with her singing and also jewellery making which she sells at some of the local markets.

Batuhan Piatti – I met up with Batuhan at Ezic Premier where he had a promotional workshop using the local produce and ingredients.  I was treated to a demonstration of a dish using Norwegian salmon and very nice it was too.

Ingrid –  I made a visit to the Lemar market in Alsancak where I met Ingrid, and her baby Pearl, where she runs a stall for her home-made pastries and cakes.   Ingrid is from Sweden and said she has only returned to her native country once in 13 years.  Her mother and father have also lived in North Cyprus for 13 years and they all like the people and the easy way of life.

Siona – Also at Lemar market I met Siona from London who comes to North Cyprus for 4 months each year.   Siona is a jewellery designer in the UK which she has been doing for some 15 years.  Another passion is “big cats” and Siona has travelled to many countries to try and help with the protection of tigers, lions, and the cheetah.

The Secret Window – I met Aras who started the business in Karakum and looked at the many items of jewellery and ceramics on display.  He also explained to me about Engin talks to Aras and Seran at the Secret WindowHacıvat and Kargöz (Punch & Judy) which was previously a Turkish Shadow Show with one person playing all of the parts.  Aras lived in Canada for some 20 years and worked with setters and goldsmiths there.  I also met Aras’s friend Sevan Sarraf, an Armenian, who was visiting to do some special designing of unique jewellery for 24 selected people.  Sevan told me he started learning about jewellery making at the age of 10 years from his father who had started a business in Istanbul in 1955.  He then went on to work and learn from a Master at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.  Sevan gave me a demonstration of jewellery making and some of his unique designs, also explaining about the origins of the stones he used.

At BRT2 Television we are very interested in meeting people from all communities to learn about their organisations or personal activities and if you have a good story to tell for inclusion on BRT2 Vox Pop which is an outside broadcast show, please email me, Engin Dervişağa on with your details.

We also have a studio recorded show “A Cup of Conversation” and my colleague Can Gazi can be contacted to arrange an interview on .


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