December 6, 2022

Cyprus – It is never too late!

The issues could have been resolved a decade ago!

 By John L Oakes

I recently posted an article into the Embargoed Facebook page and others and I would like to share this article with the many readers around the world of

London’s TRNC Representative , Oya Tuncali, hits the nail on the head in this week’s ECONOMIST:

 SIR — The recent letter from the Greek-Cypriot high commissioner left me dismayed (February 1st). There is an obvious disagreement between the two sides in Cyprus about Oya Tuncalithe interpretation of historical events. Turkey did not invade Cyprus, but exercised its rights and obligations under the 1960 Treaty of Guarantee to protect the Turkish-Cypriot people and to stop the annexation of the island to Greece. It is disheartening that the Greek-Cypriots are addressing Turkey and putting it under the spotlight rather than trying to resolve disputed issues together with the Turkish-Cypriots.

Had the Greek-Cypriots voted yes for the Annan Plan, as the Turkish-Cypriots did, all the issues, including the opening of Turkish ports and the solution for Maras/Varosha, would have been resolved a decade ago.

But it is never too late. Turkey and the Turkish-Cypriots are committed to a comprehensive settlement. We urge the Greek-Cypriots to concentrate on the negotiations and address the issues there, rather than stipulating preconditions and trying to resolve issues away from the negotiating table.

Oya Tuncalı Representative of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, London”

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