November 26, 2022

7th Lapta Tourism Festival 

By Margaret Sheard

I suspected we should soon be getting some news about this year’s Lapta Festival and Berke Ertopaloğlu haBerke Ertopaloglus now circulated the confirmed dates of festivals and tournaments which have been organised so far.   There will be many more to come and this is just a starter to make note of for a very busy time ahead.    At the moment we are publishing the event and date and in due course BerPosterke will be supplying more detailed information about each event which we will then publish separately and include in our Weekly Events Calendar.

Confirmed Dates of Festivals & Tournaments – 2014

1st and 2nd March Hisarkoy Orchid Festival
15th and 16th March  Tepebasi Tulip Festival
6th April Dog Show
13th April Akdeniz Asparagus Festival
20th April Kite Flying
26th and 27th April  Korucam St. George Festival
11th May Triathlon
12th May Football Tournament
25th May Motorcycle Show
25th May  Rod & Line Fishing, Spear Fishing
7th June Cooking Competition – 1st Stage
7th June Cyprus Night
7th and 8th June Chess Tournament
8th June Off Road Race
13th June Backgammon Tournament
14th June Cooking Competition – Final
14th and 15th June Darts Tournament
14th and 15th June Beach Football
21st June Arm Wrestling Competition
21st and 22nd June Beach Hand Ball
21st and 22nd June Beach Volleyball
19th/20th/21st/22nd June Lapta Festival

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