December 6, 2022

Still Yes

YesA survey conducted by KADEM for the Realist newspaper, has revealed that 58.4 per cent of Turkish Cypriots would say ‘yes’ to a new settlement plan devised based on the Annan Plan.

According to the survey results published in the Realist newspaper, 41.6 per cent of Turkish Cypriots would say ‘no’ to such a plan. The highest support to such a settlement plan surprisingly came from the Iskele region. In the 2004 referendum, Iskele had the lowest level of support for the Annan Plan with 55.14 per cent voting ‘yes.’ The survey showed that the level of support to the settlement plan in Lefkosa and Famagusta would be 60.7 per cent. The lowest support to the plan was from Güzelyurt, which is likely to be subject to territorial adjustments. According to the survey Güzelyurt’s level of support to such a plan would be 49 per cent. The level of support to the Annan Plan in Güzelyurt during the referendum was 64.55 per cent. Another decline was in Kyrenia, with only 54.1 per cent voting ‘yes’, the survey revealed. In 2004, the ‘yes’ votes in Kyrenia were 63 per cent.

65 per cent of Turkish Cypriots had voted in favour of the Annan Plan in the referendum held on 24 April 2004.


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