December 8, 2022

VOX POP tête-à-tête

Review of 2013 – Part 2

 By Engin Dervişağa

Continuing my review of Vox Pop in 2013, this is a reminder of some more of the people I interviewed during the year.   Sadly Peggy McAlpine, who I had the pleasure to meet, died on 7th December 2013 at the age of 106 and she was an example to us all of what a person can achieve.

(CESV) – I had a very interesting time when I interviewed Steve Collard and Claire Engin meets the CESVLamb of the Civil Emergency Service Volunteers (CESV) and saw demonstrations of their life- saving skills.  Steve gave me information about the courses they run for basic first aid instruction and also the more in depth courses which are given to the TRNC Police and Fire Service as well as other medical services within the TRNC, all of which they work with very closely.

Claire also gave me a lot of information about CESV and her role as first responder for the Tatlisu area.

Barry Snakes and The Foreign Nationals  – On a musical note, I was treated to a selection by The Foreign Nationals, a new young group of musicians who had got together and whose parents had asked Barry Snakes to give them some tuition to help them on their way.   I also spoke to Barry Snakes who realised the talent of these young men and he said when he started to help and encourage them, it all escalated from there.

Susan Heijari – GAU.  Another very interesting person I spoke with was S(left) Engin Dervişağa and Susan Heijari  at GAU (right)usan Heijari who is Head of the GAU Stage School.  Susan has been running a Pilates class since 2009 and she explained the benefits of this type of exercise to me, she will also be introducing a Yoga class as well.   In her role at the GAU Stage School,

Susan helps students through their 4-year program, she said that it is the only place in the TRNC where students can achieve certification in the field of dance.

Chris Elliott and Margaret Sheard – I had interviewed Chris Elliott and Margaret Sheard of on a previous occasion and was pleased to return to do a further update on their progress.  I first spoke to Chris who told me that the website had gone from strength to strength and he was very pleased with the increasing number of readers to the site.  Margaret gave me some information on how the various articles come together and also about their association with The Foreign Residents in the TRNC.

Gűlseven Coles – I am sure art lovers would have been very pleased to see my interview with Gűlseven Coles at her studio in Lapta, who had an exhibition of her work in Lefkoşa in 2013.  Gűlseven told me her husband, Morton, had been very supportive  and helped with a lot of the arrangements.  I looked at some of the remaining pictures from a previous exhibition in Ҫatalköy in 2008 which had the theme of healing with crystals which is something in which both Gűlseven and her daughter have an interest.

Elizabeth Forsyth – There was another very interesting interview with Elizabeth Forsyth at her home in Karmi.  Elizabeth moved to North Cyprus 8 years ago with her family, wPeggy McAlpine RIPhich of course included her mother, the late Peggy McAlpine.  Sadly, since my visit, Peggy died on 7th December 2013 at the age of 106, but she held the Guinness World Record of the oldest person to complete a tandem paraglide which she achieved on 14th April 1012 at the age of 104 years 5 months and 16 days.     When I interviewed Elizabeth, Peggy was in another room where she was enjoying reading with the aid of a magnifying glass.   Elizabeth was busy preparing her “Soup Kitchen” which she has done on a few occasions in aid of the project for the restoration and maintenance of the Karmi Cemetery.   She stressed the importance of this project for the benefit of expatriates, especially those living in Karmi who would wish to be buried there.

At BRT2 Television we are very interested in meeting people from all communities to learn about their organisations or personal activities and if you have a good story to tell for inclusion on BRT2 Vox Pop which is an outside broadcast show, please email me, Engin Dervişağa on with your details.

We also have a studio recorded show “A Cup of Conversation” and my colleague Can Gazi can be contacted to arrange an interview on .

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